Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dining Room Paint

Honey Man and I painted our dining room set just a few weeks back. This set my mom gave to me and got for free from a dear friend, who's mother was wanting to get rid of some furniture. At that time I was only 16 but my mom knew I would be needing a dining room set when I got older and I am so glad she stored this for me, such a wise and sweet mama I have :) And  a sweet daddy for storing it all these years. I still have to get the breakfast buffet which is too large for our house right now.
This set was in very nice condition just needed to be stripped and stained which would cost a small fortune which we are not quite ready to pay yet. So late one evening I had just finished painting a dresser with this black flat paint and I thought, why don't I paint the dining room furniture!! So Honey Man and I stayed up way past our bed time to get it painted while the babies slept. The next day we did a second coat and then later finished with a little bit of distressing.
The paint has freshened up the dinning room
and changed the whole feeling of this part of the house.

Amount for expenses:
paint $7.00
Brushes $ 3.00
Total $10.00


Keri On said...

Wow! That looks beautiful! Very fun that you did it yourselves! Enjoy!

Homeschool on the Croft said...

Oh, that furniture is absolutely gorgeous! What a beautiful room you have there.... and to have that for such a price...! It's so classy x

Ruby Jean said...

Wow what a beautiful set...You guys did such a lovely job refininshing it...And yes, what a sweet mother and father you have...

Pam said...

Oh, I love how it came out sweetie. It looks sooo good, and much better than it did. Would love to come and have a cup of tea on it.

The Buffet is waiting for its turn now.

Love you so much,

Kirsteen said...

This looks great - as all your crafty projects do!

Amber said...

wow this looks really nice!!! I love the character of this set, it has such nice lines!!


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