Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Blogging Break

So sorry everyone I have been so absent lately. I can't seem to get a grip with this blog and thus I have come to the conclusion that I should take a wee blogging break. I can't stand that I haven't been able to keep up so I will hopefully get everything in motion again some time soon and jump back in. I don't know how long it will be for but I will miss you all and still try to pop in on you whenever I can.
Here are some last minute pics of our fun in Florida. 
The babies are getting so big.

Bye Bye for now :(
~ Marie

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Makeup Tutorial

What have my sister and I have been up to these last couple of days????
 Well, I have to admit we are a little addicted to 
Elizabeth and I  created this web site this past year which is dedicated to eye makeup. Its called
Since being in Florida for the time being it has been so delightful that we are able to be together and now start creating and publishing makeup tutorials which is something we are always complaining about that we can't ever seem to do with us both being in two different states.
Here is one of the tutorials that is just up on the page, but I thought I would share the pics here on my blog for everyone to see as well.
Elizabeth is the model just incase you were having a hard time figuring that one out :)

 Also so sorry I have dropped off the face of the earth these last few weeks. I have been going through a writers block or I should say a blogging block, so bear with me and I am hoping those inspirational juices will soon start to flow again. Sure miss you all and looking forward to catching up.
LOVE you all dearly
~ Marie

To view the winged eye tutorial click here


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