Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

We all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We are still feasting over the leftovers. Jon didn't end up smoking or frying the turkey. He just brined it and it was so delicious. We didn't start cooking until around 1:00 and we were still in our jammies. (We sat around all morning doing puzzles and drinking coffee with pumpkin pie.)
After dinner we cleaned up the kitchen and watched an old movie. For dessert we had pecan pie which was wonderful. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Two Years Standing!

Today is our two year anniversary. I can't believe how fast time flies. Its funny because I have only been married to Jonathan for just two years now but I feel like I have been his girl all my life. It is hard to imagine life without him!
Tonight we celebrated and went out on the town. Jon took me to the Cheese Cake Factory. I had the fish and chips, Jon had the Chicken Farfalle which was amazing. Later we walked around all the shops which were lit up nicely for Christmas. Elizabeth stayed home and baby sat for us. It was the most delightful date.

Friday, November 20, 2009

New Member of Our Family

Well, as you can see we have a new member of our family. The picture above is courtesy of google images. For some reason my camera is not uploading to my computer. The puppy in this picture looks like it could be my puppy's twin. Can you guess what kind of puppy we got?
It looks like a black lab but think much bigger. Yes it is a Great Dane.

Jon woke me up Saturday morning telling me he found Great Dane puppies on Craigslist for 200 dollars. I was amazed that he wanted a puppy in the first place. We paid 175! He is a full breed and he comes from an amazing heritage. His father "Titus" was such an amazing creature. He weighs 175 pounds and his owner says he's 30 pounds under weight. He was HUGE, ENORMOUS, MASSIVE, COLOSSAL, words can't express how big he was.

We named our puppy Stryder because he reminds me of a leader. His personality we are so delighted with. He is the gentlest puppy I have ever met. He is very calm for a puppy and very smart. We are almost there when it comes to potty training. I think the only reason he still has accidents is because he doesn't want to go out in the cold, (DId I mention that he is lazy ?)

He loves sleeping in front of the warm fire. He plays with the cats and already knows "sit" and "shake" :)
We need to socialize him more so he can be tame with other dogs.

I am excited to raise little Zane with this dog. I want Zane growing up understanding animals and to not be afraid of them. I want him to know that God gave us dominion over the animals of the earth and the blessings that come with that. I also am glad to know that we have a guard dog who will be able to keep his ear tuned in if we ever have an intruder in our home at night or while I'm home without Jon.
We still can't quite fathom that we will have a horse on our hands pretty soon:P

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Makeup and Tea

Our Makeup Day was very lovely last Saturday. We planned on having more ladies but alas, only a few showed up. Just enough for me and Elizabeth :) The ladies were so much fun. We all had a blast drinking tea, talking and dabbling with makeup. They really liked the makeup and the way they looked after their makeovers and are sending their friends our way.
Our dear friend Jodi came just to help and support. I was so thankful for having her because she kept the tea hot and piping and the baby happy. Thank you so much Jodi for being such a sister to Elizabeth and I. Your friendship is so valuable to me.

Gods Love

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Beautiful Sister

Here is some pictures of my beautiful sister Olga. She is graduating this year and she just got her senior pictures taken. My brother Nathan is the photographer.

 I am so proud of her, she is so fashionable and stylish. Her love for the Lord is so pure and beautiful. She has been such a blessing to me as a sister and a friend.  I am so excited for what the Lord has for her these upcoming years.

Monday, November 9, 2009

What's Happening

I just LOVE having a clean floor. Today I finally got my floor cleaned for this weekends makeup day :) I also put some baby oil on the floors to give it a nice conditioning.
Jon got me these roses on Sunday afternoon and I had just been admiring some roses on Friday when I was shopping but Jon wasn't with me then.

I just couldn't go without posting my little man.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Tea and BABY

You can see that he wants to be apart of the tea party!

We have been enjoying a very cozy November so far. The wind is blowing and the trees are dropping their last leaves. We have been using our fireplace a lot now. We love it so far. I know that it will get a little old going outside to cut kindling in the snow, but thats what makes the warmth so much more romantic :)

Lizy and I have been trying to run (for me) and walk (for her) these last days before the snow comes.
Jon has been watching the Food Network which has been getting us inspired for Thanksgiving. We are not sure what way we will be cooking our turkey. Jon wants to fry it :) because it will only take a half in hour, I want to smoke it but that will take about 5 hours so we will see.

I hope everyone is doing well and has a wonderful weekend :O

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

GoodWill Shopping

" *Findings* at the Goodwill are like finding treasure". Those were the words of my dear friend Amber, and I do agree with her :) I found some wonderful treasures that I would like to share with you all.
I found this tea pot for $2.99 a week ago. I love the gold around the lid and how the handle curves. It was made in England which makes me happy to think that it came from the country I long to visit.
The tea cup is so sweet. I got it for my sister Elizabeth, because she collects "Blue Tea Items" I got it for 59 cents :) I still can't get over this *treasure finding*!

And it was also made in England by Johnson Bros.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Bouncy Fun Fun Fun!!!!!!

I got this little Tigger swing at a garage sale for 3 dollars and Zane is just now using it to his delight!
We all are feeling better around here. The cats also. I think they got it the worst though.

Little Zane has been teething this last week, poor little guy besides him getting fussy
His sense of humor just keeps getting bigger and bigger. He makes us laugh all the time!

Our weekend was nice and warm. Sunday we went to the mall and got some things. I got some shirts at Forever 21 for 4 dollars! I am excited to lose these last few extra pounds so I can get back to my regular size. Elizabeth and I posted a new tutorial on a winged eye on Youtube so you will have to go and check it out :)
I hope everyone has a blessed Monday.


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