Sunday, October 31, 2010

Zane on the Go

This little lad is too quick for mommy's camera.
When I see him I have to snap the camera or lose it. Usually most of the pictures come out blurry due to bad lighting and because this little man is so fast. 

This morning I got him right when he woke up. 
 my sleepy baby boy
starting to rise
getting goofy
testing out those legs 
HE'S OFF!!!!!
found something of mommy's
 cleaning up that messy head of hair
And he's GONE!!!
Will catch him next time :)

Friday, October 29, 2010

Vintage Silverware

Almost didn't get this posted for my shabby shoppe this week. Wanted to keep this darling little vintage silverware set  for myself LOL :)
Wishing everyone a relaxing weekend. 
In Christ Jesus
~ Marie

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Been attempting to knit a baby blanket but we will see if my efforts bare fruit. I have had to undo and redo so many times that I grow exhausted to believe that I can do this. I found that Jo-Ann's offers knitting classes and I am thinking that I might just go. I also found a local knitting group that meets once a week at a local coffee shop. I also might go to this to boots up my moral. Although I have read up and looked up on youtube how to do certain stitches and such, I find it would be so much easier and fun if my mom was here to answer all my questions, hint hint mom :)
 I have found some delightful knitting and crocheting blogs that have gotten me all creative. I think seeing all that lovely yarn does something to me. I am really enjoying my time learning how to knit. Something I hope to improve on more and more.
Oh I just love it when I can put this belly to good use. :)
I hope everyone is enjoying their Wednesday afternoon! 
So much Love to you all
In Christ Jesus
~ Marie

Monday, October 25, 2010

Kitchen Pics

Well, It's about time I get these pictures up! 
I am still searching for curtains for the windows but I thought it's fine to post without them.
These three pictures are the "Before" pictures of the kitchen. 

And here are the "After" pictures!!

I had so much fun this morning getting my kitchen all ready for you to see,
but I have to admit again that it's usually never this clean :)
We took the top cabinet doors off because they never shut and I was always banging my head on them.
For the bottom cabinets we chose a crackle paint finish. It kinda gives a more aged and weathered look.
I am loving my new little office nook. I have all my artsy and etsy stuff set up and stored here. 
I got the chalkboard for 50 cents and then I painted it. I have been trying to get even more organized by starting to write down my weekly menu and chores on it! 
We will see if I can accomplish this before the baby comes.
I am getting ready to send my apron off and also excited to hang up my new apron on my apron rack which I am to receive from Tiffany over at Meek + Chic
We are swapping buds from the apron swap my mom had a couple of weeks ago. I will do a post about it as soon as I get the go ahead email.
It is so much fun to have a cabinet dedicated only for the delights of tea. Let me tell you, I use this cabinet more than any other cabinet in the kitchen LOL! My Honey-Man would probably say, "thats sad" :)
It's so refreshing to be this organized, that's one good thing about having no doors for the cabinets, It forces me to now stay organized or else the whole world will see my disorder.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Late Night Cravings and Thoughts of Pregnancy

Got some wonderful cravings after dinner last night and decided to make my dreams come true!
found my mom's apple pie recipe in my recipe book and got my hands busy!!
Suprisingly had just enough apples on hand!!!
probably one of the yummiest crusts I have made, I realized that I had sifted the flour this time, boy did it sure make that crust melt in my mouth. 
Yum yum yum!!
I thought these bottom pictures were funny,
Jon was getting pictures of the pie but you can see my belly bump in the background LOL!
 Getting to be a pooch!!
And boy was he kicking away on those apples last night :)
I have been thinking about pregnancy lately, and how hard it can be at times. Being tired and week isn't my cup of tea usually. Especially added with the extra emotional roller-coast it takes you on.
Found this on Disciple's Notebook and was reminded to be blessed and encouraged by my weaknesses. 

"When the believer is weakest, he is strongest. The child who knows most its utter feebleness entrusts itself most completely into the mother’s arms. The young eagle that knows, by many a fall, its own inability to fly yields itself to be carried on the mother’s mighty wing. When it is weak, it is strong. Likewise, the believer, when he has found out, by repeated falls, his utter feebleness, clings with simplest faith to the arm of the Savior.”

*The Best of Robert Murray McCheyne, 179
Edited and Compiled by Stephen W. Sorenson

You all be blessed :)
Love you

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Domestic Bliss

 Enjoying my domestic life around here. Wearing Honey- Man slippers with my prego destroyed jeans complimented with my new prego black shirt and my warm fuzzy peach robe!!

I have so enjoyed seeing the leaves falling all over, filling up our yard so quickly. Yesterday it started raining and strong winds accompanied. It felt like it was snowing leaves, I opened the window and that cool crisp smell entered my lunges which was like breathing in the Lord's breath of life for the first time as Adam and Eve did :)

 I have had such a ripe season of finding gorgeous candles this last month at garage sales for steal deals, I have been lighting my candles all over the house whenever that cozy feeling comes over me, accompanied with a strong cup of tea of course :)
Zane is having a blast with his new slippers. One pair grey and one pair red, he is always bringing them to us and asking us to put them on him. I love that he wears them but I love it even more when he wears them mix-matched LOL :)
I got a shot of my living room actually clean YAY!!  If you look to the bottom right you can see the pup snoozing away on her gigantic bed. 

Zane had a blast while mommy was cleaning the bedroom and linen closet the other day.
Just some fun random pictures of the little lad. He is growing so fast and learning so much its really hard to document all of it. I am trying to keep my camcorder on hand whenever Zane is blubbering his baby dialect which is so adorable. 
Peaches have been eaten in mass quantities in this house for the past several months. Can't get enough of those babies.

Looking for  daddy 
Wishing everyone Domestic Bliss tonight and the rest of the week. 
Happy Day to you All!
 ~ Marie

Monday, October 18, 2010


If you have not noticed my little widget to the right side of my blog that says "Etsy" then allow me to tell you all about it.
Well as I am always out and about thrifting, I always find some really neat steals that are treasures to me or someone else. As I have come to realize that I don't need any more treasures in this house,  an exciting thought jumped to my conscious  and I realized that I should open an Etsy shop and share my lovely treasures. So I started posting my lovelies on Etsy. Slowly one item by item gets posted and I feel so excited to see my shop stocking up and even more excited when I get questions in my inbox asking about an item and then the thrill of my first sale :)
Feel free to check out my Etsy shop if you have time. Keeping it stocked will be a weekly custom. Also I will be featuring a new item on my blog every week.

*These two verses encouraged me as I went about my days these last two weeks.
Proverbs 31:16
 She considers a field and buys it; out of her earnings she plants a vineyard.
    Proverbs 31:18
 She sees that her trading is profitable, and her lamp does not go out at night.  

Happy Monday Everyone!

Many Blessings
~ Marie

Monday, October 11, 2010

A Divine Revelation Of Hell

I have been listening to Mary K Baxter's book on Audio called  A Divine Revelation Of Hell. I encourage everyone  to click on this website and download the free Audio book and hear her own testimony of hell.
Much Love In Christ
~ Marie

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Zane In His Diapers and Other Things

 I have been trying to get some pictures of Zane lately and this little guy is so hard to capture. When he is awake he is non stop motion. Never able to sit down for a second. He is the go go go go baby in this house. He loves wrestling with the dog. His favorite spot is the dogs huge bed in the living room. He always runs and dives right into it. The dog loves it when he visits and I'm sure she wonders who's bed it really belongs to. 
These pictures are in the summer and I was so delighted to find them in my Iphoto. As you can see I couldn't get a head on picture of him. I will have to try and coax him with food next time :)
I hope everyone is enjoying a lovely week. We have been putting on sweaters and coats around here, getting cold too quickly I think. I found myself wearing my huge peach robe all day long yesterday and today. Its so cozy I can't seem to take it off, but I think thats the best, to just stay in my cozies all day long in my warm little abode with my baby enjoying this fall season.
 Oh and I have also started a knitting project which I am excited to post about soon, wish me luck because I have never been a knitter, have been a crocheter all my life. I learned how to knit last year but never did anything with it. So this year I have gotten the knitting bug in me and have been faithfully knitting my project joyously. There is something so beautiful about holding yarn in between my fingers and making something useful and lovely with it.
~ Marie

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Baby On Its Way

This precious baby boy of ours was under the weather a few days ago. We try not to spoil him with watching to much tv but on occasions like these we let him watch his favorite kipper show. 
Jon snuggled him in our bed the other morning while I was getting myself ready for the day. Later this week when I downloaded my camera into my computer I found these pictures that I forgotten Jon had taken. So glad he did, and after seeing them made me wish I had jumped back in bed with the little guy all cozy and snug.

Yesterday Jon surprised me by waking me up wanting to take me to Columbus to get an ultrasound done, he decided he couldn't wait any longer to find out the baby's gender lol, I found in that instant that I couldn't wait either.
So we packed some yummy snacks and some tea in a thermos for our cozy little drive up to Columbus, found the nice humble little clinic that scheduled us in that morning. Getting more and more excited as we walked down the hall to the ultrasound room where there was a huge tv screen and a bed with a couch for family to sit and watch with all the computers opposite the bed.
The technician asked me to get up on the bed and had me pull my shirt up so she could squirt that creamy stuff on my belly for the little magic wand to see the baby. 
As she was looking at the screen to check for the gender, my mind started getting more and more excited as I saw my precious baby moving and kicking all about. "was it a girl, or was it a boy" I though to myself it must be a boy, While I was thinking and watching the screen I could see the little baby moving this way and that, but it was hiding its hands and feet in front of its face so that the technician couldn't determine the gender. Must get that shyness from its mommy :) 
Anyways the technician got the baby to move so she could see what it was.
As we waited, Jon seemed serious as even Zane seemed a little anxious, probably hoping for a baby brother. We heard the technician announce, "it looks like little Zane will be having a baby brother"
So yes we are having another baby boy!!!!!
Couldn't get over how excited we were as we drove away from the clinic and found a little restaurant to sit and chat about our little boy that is on his way. 

Hoping everyone is having a lovely weekend :)
~ Marie


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