Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Domestic Bliss

 Enjoying my domestic life around here. Wearing Honey- Man slippers with my prego destroyed jeans complimented with my new prego black shirt and my warm fuzzy peach robe!!

I have so enjoyed seeing the leaves falling all over, filling up our yard so quickly. Yesterday it started raining and strong winds accompanied. It felt like it was snowing leaves, I opened the window and that cool crisp smell entered my lunges which was like breathing in the Lord's breath of life for the first time as Adam and Eve did :)

 I have had such a ripe season of finding gorgeous candles this last month at garage sales for steal deals, I have been lighting my candles all over the house whenever that cozy feeling comes over me, accompanied with a strong cup of tea of course :)
Zane is having a blast with his new slippers. One pair grey and one pair red, he is always bringing them to us and asking us to put them on him. I love that he wears them but I love it even more when he wears them mix-matched LOL :)
I got a shot of my living room actually clean YAY!!  If you look to the bottom right you can see the pup snoozing away on her gigantic bed. 

Zane had a blast while mommy was cleaning the bedroom and linen closet the other day.
Just some fun random pictures of the little lad. He is growing so fast and learning so much its really hard to document all of it. I am trying to keep my camcorder on hand whenever Zane is blubbering his baby dialect which is so adorable. 
Peaches have been eaten in mass quantities in this house for the past several months. Can't get enough of those babies.

Looking for  daddy 
Wishing everyone Domestic Bliss tonight and the rest of the week. 
Happy Day to you All!
 ~ Marie


Elizabeth said...

It was a fresh breath of air as I read this delightful post Marie! Zane is sooooooooo precious! He has grown sooooooooo much! Even though I see him on skype like everyday, he looks bigger in these pictures! Your living-room looks so inviting and cozy. I love the light shining in on the couch and the piano. I told you I woke up this morning really missing you all and Ohio :( I am not sure if this post helps or makes it worse! I think it helps :D I'll stop gushing now :) Love you so much Sis!

~ Elizabeth

Meredith Ivy said...

I agree with dear Elizabeth, this post was a true breath of fresh air! As I near the date of the wedding and all the excitement and change it brings, although I am beyond happy to be marrying Stephen, it is sad to be leaving my wonderful family - especially as the time gets shorter and shorter! Your (and Elizabeth's) posts about life as young wives and mothers give me so much hope and encouragement as I look into my future. God has given me the beautiful, wonderful delight and responsibility to now go forth and begin my home and family with Stephen, so I need to focus on that instead of all I am leaving behind in the Alexander home! Your posts are being used by the Lord to give me encouragement during this time of transition!

Marie said...

Sweet Sisters, I could just eat you both up!!!
I have been trying to get my house cozy Elizabeth, like how it was when you were staying with us. It encourages me to remember that time because it sets a standard for me LOL, but I too have been missing your lovely companionship around here.

Meredith, I do know what you mean by leaving home. I was SO excited to marry Jon but during those last weeks at home I was really broken up about leaving my happy family behind. I felt like I couldn't contain myself with all the happiness ahead of me but I didn't want to leave my home behind either. I love you so much and I will be praying that the transition won't be as hard as your are feeling it might be. I also wanted to tell you that I got your gorgeous invitation in the mail two days ago!! It filled me with so much warmth and joy!!! Trying to figure out a way I can come, not sure if I can but am really trying to make a way.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, I am loving the pictures of "Domestic Bliss". I am in school right now, so I am away from my family, but I try to cultivate domestic bliss in my little apartment. It is a bit messy at the moment, but hopefully tomorrow I will be able to put everything back into place...nothing better than that!

Homeschool on the Croft said...

Loved the post. It kind of makes me laugh...or almost weep... when I hear all you Americans loving the cooler weather. Huh! We had 2 degrees Celsius last night and have sleet showers today. That would all be fine, if we'd had a summer! Anyway, was just saying to the wee guy just now when he came down and looked out at the hail shower, 'Doesn't it make you thank God for our wonderfully warm home'. Many folks can't say that. We have so much to praise God for.
Loving the photos, and the peek into your life, as always.
Love, Anne x

Amber said...

what a cozy blog - I swear you paint such pretty pictures, I could just curl up and be content LOL Your house is so pretty, I just love it - and that puppy bed IS huge! LOL

Pioneer Beauty said...

Hello Marie,
I loved reading your post and catching up..I am still not fully well but I am getting there.. : ) This bug just seems to want to hang on and not let go..Maybe I made a COZY place for it inside of me.. : ) and it is quite content to stay and never leave.. : )
I love Zanes slippers..and isn't wonderful when they pick the things they want to wear..I remember when are Son Garrett had to wear his cowboy boots everywhere..but not just have them on his feet the way shoes should be worn..No..he always had to have them on the opposite feet..We tried everything to get him to wear them correctly...but it was as though having them on the wrong feet made for a GOOD DAY...of course he eventually grew out of that.. : )
Since I have been sick I have yet to enjoy those sweet bowls...But I look forward to finding the perfect spot for them..
Have a blessed day..
In Christ


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