Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Zane In His Diapers and Other Things

 I have been trying to get some pictures of Zane lately and this little guy is so hard to capture. When he is awake he is non stop motion. Never able to sit down for a second. He is the go go go go baby in this house. He loves wrestling with the dog. His favorite spot is the dogs huge bed in the living room. He always runs and dives right into it. The dog loves it when he visits and I'm sure she wonders who's bed it really belongs to. 
These pictures are in the summer and I was so delighted to find them in my Iphoto. As you can see I couldn't get a head on picture of him. I will have to try and coax him with food next time :)
I hope everyone is enjoying a lovely week. We have been putting on sweaters and coats around here, getting cold too quickly I think. I found myself wearing my huge peach robe all day long yesterday and today. Its so cozy I can't seem to take it off, but I think thats the best, to just stay in my cozies all day long in my warm little abode with my baby enjoying this fall season.
 Oh and I have also started a knitting project which I am excited to post about soon, wish me luck because I have never been a knitter, have been a crocheter all my life. I learned how to knit last year but never did anything with it. So this year I have gotten the knitting bug in me and have been faithfully knitting my project joyously. There is something so beautiful about holding yarn in between my fingers and making something useful and lovely with it.
~ Marie


Pioneer Beauty said...

Hello Marie,
I love the first picture..Zane looks like a little boy from the thirties... : )

Your Zane seems to be exactly where my Benjamin is headed..he is only 7mths..But he's got GO GO GO on the brain... : )

Looking forward to speakning with you..Till then Keep your Cozy Robe on..

In Christ

Kirsteen said...

Cute, cute, cute!

My little Alasdair won't keep a hat on at all! I'll need to look for one that ties under his chin for the winter.

Danielle said...

My sweet Marie,
I get so excited when I see your post in my reader!!!! It's like getting a letter from a dear friend, AND I get pictures!!! :-D
Zane is such a little handsome man! LOVE that first pic, little open mouth, big shining eyes! And Kirsteen is totally right, that hat is GREAT!!!!
Can NOT wait for your knitting project to surface! I have always been a knitter, and am LOVING getting in the groove of crocheting! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see a pic of your crocheting projects! Do you follow hard patterns or get one with a repetetive cycle? Gosh, sorry this comment is way too long. You just got me all crafty. . . ;-)
Love you!!!!!

Help Meet in the Making said...

He is SO SO adorable! I love these pictures of him! And that hat is so stylish!!! :)
Can't wait to see what you are knitting. :)

Amber said...

how cozy that sounds - you always paint the loveliest pictures for me to imagaine! I hope you and the babies stay all cuddly warm and happy!

living from glory to glory said...

Good Morning Marie, Checking in with my sweet gal!! I was praying for you a couple of days ago. I am so glad to hear about your sweet new baby on the way. Your home looks so happy and cozy, it is like we just long for the era of home and families. We are of this new generation that says we will not be robbed of these sweet treasures. Miss you so much!
Please take care and enjoy all your days and hours. Love Roxy

Davene said...

Zane is so precious!

I didn't know you have an etsy shop! I looked around in it, and everything looks so wonderful.

I LOVE what Roxy said, "We are of this new generation that says we will not be robbed of these sweet treasures." Amen! Thank you, Roxy, for that. I'm going to write that in my planner so I can remember it. :)

I hope you're having a snuggly, cuddly day, Marie! :)

Marie said...

Loved ya'll's comments!

Danielle, you are so cute :) I have always loved your knitting projects whenever I would see you. It always inspired me. My crocheting is not very accomplished. I used to follow patterns but have fallen out of the habit. I mostly only do blankets and baby blankets. I will be posting my knitting project soon I hope.

Amber, your so sweet. I feel the same way about you LOL! Always get me inspired for seasons and fashion!!

I love you Roxy! Thanks so much for your prayers. I feel so blessed to have you even thinking of me let a lone pray for me while we are so far away from each other. You are like my second mama!

Davene loved your comment.
~ Marie


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