Monday, October 25, 2010

Kitchen Pics

Well, It's about time I get these pictures up! 
I am still searching for curtains for the windows but I thought it's fine to post without them.
These three pictures are the "Before" pictures of the kitchen. 

And here are the "After" pictures!!

I had so much fun this morning getting my kitchen all ready for you to see,
but I have to admit again that it's usually never this clean :)
We took the top cabinet doors off because they never shut and I was always banging my head on them.
For the bottom cabinets we chose a crackle paint finish. It kinda gives a more aged and weathered look.
I am loving my new little office nook. I have all my artsy and etsy stuff set up and stored here. 
I got the chalkboard for 50 cents and then I painted it. I have been trying to get even more organized by starting to write down my weekly menu and chores on it! 
We will see if I can accomplish this before the baby comes.
I am getting ready to send my apron off and also excited to hang up my new apron on my apron rack which I am to receive from Tiffany over at Meek + Chic
We are swapping buds from the apron swap my mom had a couple of weeks ago. I will do a post about it as soon as I get the go ahead email.
It is so much fun to have a cabinet dedicated only for the delights of tea. Let me tell you, I use this cabinet more than any other cabinet in the kitchen LOL! My Honey-Man would probably say, "thats sad" :)
It's so refreshing to be this organized, that's one good thing about having no doors for the cabinets, It forces me to now stay organized or else the whole world will see my disorder.


Pioneer Beauty said...

Oh Marie,
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE...It..Did you get on the floor and take the pictures of the bottom Cabinets..All I could think about when I saw that Low photo shot..Was I hope she didn't get on the floor... : ) I would have gladly laid on the floor for you to get the shot...mind you it would of been a pooooor I am not very good with a camera.. : ) But I would of done it for a Nice Cup of Hot Tea...Sweetend with honey of course.. : ) I love the colors...and all those great Angles on the walls..your little Nook is very Sweet as well and I noticed the Pieces of Art that were hanging on the wall as the ones you refinished..
Can't wait to see your Apron Swap picutres... I know I need to get my ready..
Thank you for sharing your Kitchen with us...
Have a blessed night
In Christ

Lisa said...

Your kitchen looks so I'd want to stay awhile! Everything looks so peaceful.

love it! Thanks for sharing.

Danielle said...

Sweet Marie~
I just can NOT believe the difference in the two kitchens!!! I mean, WOW, it looks amazing!!! As soon as I"m done posting this comment I'm gonna go right back and re-read the whole thing again.
I think that having a WHOLE cabinet just for the love of tea is. . . luxurious, wonderful, comforting, gracious and inviting!
Makes me want to just hop in the car and spend my grocery budget on paints. :-D LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!
and the kitchen is great too. ;-)

Danielle said...

Oh my gosh, ok, so I went back and looked at it, and I forgot. . . I LOVE the mirror in the kitchen!!!!!! I don't think I've ever seen a mirror in a kitchen, but what a great idea!
Ok, that's all for now, love ya like a munchie!! :-D

Help Meet in the Making said...

I love all the windows in your kitchen. It's so bright and inviting and simply charming. You did a great job!
I'm also a little envious of your red Kitchen aid mixer. That has been on my wish list for a few years now. :)

Katie Paulus said...

Marie, we haven't met, but I frequently visit your blog and always love your posts. But I couldn't read this post without telling you what a great job you did decorating and organizing your kitchen! I LOVE IT! Especially the blue in the cabinets! I'm a military wife, so I won't have a home of my own for a long time, but I will be bookmarking your post so I can copy your kitchen when I get my own! Great job! I'm sure being organized will help when baby #2 comes along.


Homeschool on the Croft said...

Marie, this is gorgeous! I too love the being a 'blue' person anyway. And I love the open units... I don't think I could risk it myself! (cough) but I love it here.
I'm afraid I'm a bit envious too of the mixer......I'm dreaming of this sometime for myself!
Off to look more at the pics - they were wonderful!
Love, Anne x

Kirsteen said...

Love your new kitchen. It's got a much calmer feel to it than the original.

I love your tea cupboard too!

Pam said...

Eiyeiyei! Love it sweetie. It is delightful. I can't wait to come have that cup of tea, and gaze at it some more.
Love you,

Ashley DeLen said...

I love your kitchen! Just love it!!! Very comfy and makes me want to just stop by for a cup of coffee!! Lovely blog you have!!

Marie said...

Love you all so much, thanks for your comments.

I have to tell you about that red mixer, my Honey-Man gave it to me for our first Christmas together. It is something I have always cherished and still can't believe he spent so many $ getting it for me :)

Thanks so much Katie for stopping by. and thanks Ashley. SO glad to meet you both :)


Amber said...

oh it is so so pretty!!! I just love the color, and I love being able to see all the dishes, so pretty! Your little office nook is so cozy and sweet, and I really like your apothecary jars for canisters, what a great idea!! :)

living from glory to glory said...

Dear Marie, The kitchen is so clean and cozy I loved the open cabinets. Also the nook for your desk is such a great idea. Hey can I come and make curtains for you?
I love my kitchen and I like to clean and reorganize it often.
Love Roxy

Meredith Ivy said...

Wow- so beautiful and inspiring, dear Marie!!! I absolutely love everything and think you should send it to a decorating magazine. :)

Your recent posts have been so incredibly inspiring!!

Lizzy said...

that's the COZIEST, most BEAUTIFUL kitchen ever!!!! i aboslutely love it!!! you two girlies have SUCH good taste :)

Ashleigh said...

You have such a talent for decorating! I love all of the antique touches you put in each room you decorate. Antique shopping is SOOO much fun!! I just can't get enough of it!

Tiffany said...

Wow, I love your "tea cabinet." The color and the collection of dishes are just beautiful.


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