Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Been attempting to knit a baby blanket but we will see if my efforts bare fruit. I have had to undo and redo so many times that I grow exhausted to believe that I can do this. I found that Jo-Ann's offers knitting classes and I am thinking that I might just go. I also found a local knitting group that meets once a week at a local coffee shop. I also might go to this to boots up my moral. Although I have read up and looked up on youtube how to do certain stitches and such, I find it would be so much easier and fun if my mom was here to answer all my questions, hint hint mom :)
 I have found some delightful knitting and crocheting blogs that have gotten me all creative. I think seeing all that lovely yarn does something to me. I am really enjoying my time learning how to knit. Something I hope to improve on more and more.
Oh I just love it when I can put this belly to good use. :)
I hope everyone is enjoying their Wednesday afternoon! 
So much Love to you all
In Christ Jesus
~ Marie


Danielle said...

Sweet Marie,

I am going to just be DYING for a new post as often as possible once your new little guy joins you. :-D Don't you dare try the "I'm just too busy to post" excuse! ;-)
I can't wait to see that blanket all done! Looks like a great one to snuggle up in! LOVE the big knotty stitches!
Have to say though, that your pic of your tea on your belly, my fav.
One good baby kick and your tea would be on the couch! ;-)
Love you so so much sweet sister!

Pam said...

Well, when I was talking to you a minute ago, I didn't realize that you had just posted. What a scrumpscious morsel. Those classes sound great. I would love to do them too. I agree with Danielle, that tea on your belly picture is the best.
Love you so much.

Pioneer Beauty said...

Oh I would LOVE LOVE learn how to knit...We had an exchange student that tried to teach me the basic stitch..I would do pretty good..but then would see that my tension was uneven.. : ) I think I told your mom on one of her post...That It must be that I am Tense...Well atleast when it comes to Knitting.. : ) It started out really nice then got Tighter and Tighter as I went on... I have yet to try again...

I also must agree with the Belly Shot Being the best...very Sweet..and I like how your Tea Cups Matches your Wardrobe..

Have a blessed day Marie..and if your going to do a knitting class..Now is the time... : )

living from glory to glory said...

Marie, I just think a knitting class would be really nice. I want to look into one maybe for myself.
My Mom was a really great knitter.
Yup the belly shot is the best!
Love Roxy

Elizabeth said...

Okay I am just now catching up on my delightful social life lol! I love love love the pictures of your kitchen Marie! That picture of all your tea cabinet seems to sit in my head and I can't wait to create something very similar in the future! And these pictures of you knitting are so cozy and fun! I love the tea cup and the belly. And I can't wait to catch up with you tomorrow! Love you sis!

Elizabeth said...

Sorry for all the typos! Im I can't seem to stop blubbering! LOL :D Okay, I am calm now. LOVE YOU!

Amber said...

if I were there I would go with you, I've been wanting to learn to knit and crochet for the longest time, and boy I've tried, but it just eludes me! It looks like you've got an excellent start though, just keep going!

Marie said...

Danielle, I want to post often when this precious baby come also. I hope I do LOL!! Love you so much.

Amber wish so bad we could got together :) You too Roxy!


homcelynn said...

I just stumbled on your blog. I help with a knitting group at our church. We make baby blankets and hats for all our newborns. I want to encourage you in your knitting. It will make you a more peaceful, patient mommy. I knit at my kids drs, practices, games, recitals. Take a look at there are free videos on all the stitches. Feel free to email me any problems - I've made so many mistakes I recognize them quickly and how to fix them


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