Saturday, October 2, 2010

Baby On Its Way

This precious baby boy of ours was under the weather a few days ago. We try not to spoil him with watching to much tv but on occasions like these we let him watch his favorite kipper show. 
Jon snuggled him in our bed the other morning while I was getting myself ready for the day. Later this week when I downloaded my camera into my computer I found these pictures that I forgotten Jon had taken. So glad he did, and after seeing them made me wish I had jumped back in bed with the little guy all cozy and snug.

Yesterday Jon surprised me by waking me up wanting to take me to Columbus to get an ultrasound done, he decided he couldn't wait any longer to find out the baby's gender lol, I found in that instant that I couldn't wait either.
So we packed some yummy snacks and some tea in a thermos for our cozy little drive up to Columbus, found the nice humble little clinic that scheduled us in that morning. Getting more and more excited as we walked down the hall to the ultrasound room where there was a huge tv screen and a bed with a couch for family to sit and watch with all the computers opposite the bed.
The technician asked me to get up on the bed and had me pull my shirt up so she could squirt that creamy stuff on my belly for the little magic wand to see the baby. 
As she was looking at the screen to check for the gender, my mind started getting more and more excited as I saw my precious baby moving and kicking all about. "was it a girl, or was it a boy" I though to myself it must be a boy, While I was thinking and watching the screen I could see the little baby moving this way and that, but it was hiding its hands and feet in front of its face so that the technician couldn't determine the gender. Must get that shyness from its mommy :) 
Anyways the technician got the baby to move so she could see what it was.
As we waited, Jon seemed serious as even Zane seemed a little anxious, probably hoping for a baby brother. We heard the technician announce, "it looks like little Zane will be having a baby brother"
So yes we are having another baby boy!!!!!
Couldn't get over how excited we were as we drove away from the clinic and found a little restaurant to sit and chat about our little boy that is on his way. 

Hoping everyone is having a lovely weekend :)
~ Marie


Meredith Ivy said...

Oh, Marie, I am so happy for you! Another sweet little boy!

I love the pictures of Zane when he was under the weather. He is so precious, and what a great big brother he will be!

I bet having another boy will be a great savings, in that you can use a lot of Zane's outgrown clothing and accessories.

When my mom, Sheridan, and I drove up to Chicago the weekend before last, I had mapquested your town in OH to see how far we would be. We were within one hour of you!! I thought about calling so we could try to meet up, but our trips both ways had to be kept on a tight schedule with hardly even any stops for food and gas. But it was so wonderful to at least drive through your neck of the woods. :)

I miss you a lot and find joy in the thought of enjoying an afternoon tea over Skype with you and Elizabeth once the wedding craziness is over and I am settled into my little flat!

Anonymous said...

Aww what cute photos of Zane and he's going to have a cute little Brother how sweet.

Pioneer Beauty said...

I wanted to CHEAT...and read ahead to find out...but I made my eyes stay focused on the words I was reading.. : ) I thought she's going to say the baby is a girl..then I thought..No she is going to say it's a boy... : ) Then as you were explaining your experience..I was remembering our own which still seems like yesterday...that we found out that our Now 7mth old was a Baby Boy!..
I was so excited for you to hear that God has gifted you with another sweet Boy..what a blessing and how precious it is to know that he has been perfectly knitted and fashioned for your SWEET FAMILY...May your recjoicing be sweet..
In Christ

New Mom said...

A BOY! These guys are gonna have so much fun tearin' down grammy and grandpa's house when we finally get them all together. We can start our own militia! Comgratulations Jon, Marie and Baby Zane!

Davene said...

Oh, how wonderful!!! I think it's so sweet that Jon woke you up because he couldn't wait to find out...involved daddies are the best!

I'm so glad Zane will have a little brother. You know I think there's nothing like a houseful of boys, and watching how they love each other is beautiful.

Thanks for sharing your good news with us!! :)

Kirsteen said...

How lovely! I'm another who is biased towards having boys! The only thing better than one little boy is two little boys!

Does this mean that your mom and dad will only have grandsons so far? My parents are the same, seven grandchildren, all boys!

Lisa said...

that's wonderful news! Little boys are sweet — get your running shoes on. haha! (seems boys like to run and run more than girls...just my experience);-)

Little Zane is precious! I love this photo!!

Pam said...

I love the post sweetie, such a precious memory; even remembering your call when you said you found out it was a boy was such a happy moment. I like what Himilce said about all of them together tearin' down Grammy and Grampa's house.... crazy as it sounds, I can't wait to see all those Grandson's together... probably won't let em tear the house down, but look forward to the wonderful chaos. I'm still thinking... ponies... gotta have 5 ponies... LOL. Zane is so, so sweet in the pictures.
Love you so much,

Amber said...

congratulations!!! How exciting!! I bet Zane is so excited to have a new baby brother to play with - they'll be the best of buds!! :D Now comes the fun of picking a name!

Ashley said...

YAY it's a boy!!! So happy for you both. Zane will have a buddy to play with. How fun is that. And you will already have cloths for him. Miss yah.
Love Ash

Danielle said...

Oh my goodness, My sweet friend, I DO NOT know how I missed this post!!!!
Another BOY!!!! I am so so thrilled for you!!!
I think every day how blessed we were with two boys back to back. They are best friends, got into EVERYTHING as little ones. They would feed off eachother's ideas. Help eachother onto the counter. . etc. :-D You will be busy with two little boys, but they will bring your home and your lives endless laughter and fun.
Oh, praying for you my sweet sister, and loving you from afar.
I'm gonna start working on something for him tonight!!! :-D


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