Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Hello blogging world! I am back from my little blogging break but before you get excited I have to give you some sad news. I will be changing a few things about my blog. Well, really I am actually closing this blog which is really sad to say. I am still not fully decided about it. It makes me sad to stop this blog all together because I started using this blog just a month after I was married and all during my two pregnancies. So many memories have been made and documented here. 

So yes my blog will be relocating to anther page, I will be just taking it a few steps towards a different approach.  I will share the link for my new blog here so feel free to come visit me whenever. It is a baking blog and geared more towards the sweet tooth :)  I will also have a post here or there about regular life as well and the babies. 

Until we meet again, 
Much love
~ Marie


Ruby Jean said...

Okay I was sad for a moment...but then HAPPY again when I read you are just relocating... : ) I was thrilled to see your post pop up as I have been wondering how you are doing...I do believe your new blog will be a GREAT success as your Baked goods have always been Delightful to look at....and I am sure even more Delightful to eat.. I will certainly pray for your new endeavor and look forward to seeing you there...
Much Love to you and yours...
In Christ

Baking Chic said...

So sweet Angelina!
I have been away for a long time and missed reading and keeping up to date with everyone!

Kirsteen said...

OH, I love your new blog! Beautiful cakes on beautiful china, photographed so beautifully!

You know how I love cakes and treats. Looking forward to being a regular visitor at your new place!

Pam said...

I have heard that you can actually publish your blogs into a book... maybe you and Elizabeth could do that with these blogs so that you can keep all these memories and delightful accounts close at hand.... I feel kind of sad that you are leaving this blog... but I love your new website... my goodness sweetie, it looks really great!! And I am gonna love all those recipes at my fingertips. Glad we get to keep the pictures and up dates coming even if they are just a few here and there.
Love you so much,

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

Hi Marie,
Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I really appreciate your comments. I feel as if I already know you having followed your mum's blog for quite some time as we have so much in common. I also have a Luke and twin girls. And I have an Ezra 'the one who helps'! My helper broke his wrist on the weekend - the left one so he still has to help with the chores!
I had to cut back on my blogging substantially over the last year and wondered whether or not to keep it going. Having set up a vintage china hire and event styling business I simply could not keep up with everything so blogging went on the back burner. I thought about creating a new blog on table settings but decided there were already enough of those type of blogs out there so I'm keeping my blog going as a family journal and to write pieces such as my last one when the Lord prompts. Also I don't want to lose touch with the sweet friends I have made via blogging. I hope one day to visit the States and Colorado is definitely one place I will be going! I was able to send my daughter to Vancouver when she visited Canada last year to stay with a lovely Christian family so blogging has sure been a blessing in my life. You have a beautiful family - have seen lots of pictures of them before but I have a little time now before my day starts to browse your archives. I would suggest not deleting your blog even if you don't write here. I am thankful that should I ever lose my photos or hard drive (my husband has hardly any photos of his childhood as their home was lost to a fire) that I would be able to retrieve them from my blog. I will have to follow your baking blog, my baking has been neglected recently with a wedding we put months of planning into but my twins at 8 can now make cakes without any help and are keen to try new recipes.


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