Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Half Price Book Store

I am so happy to write that have I discovered a Half Price book store in my area. I haven't been so happy and cozy in such awhile. Searching the shelves brings such a peace and also an excitement that reminds me of my childhood when Autumn would come and my mom and us first four kids would head off to the amazing book fair held every year at the community college in town. We would bring our lunches and arrive at 8:00 a.m. an hour early to pay the 5 dollar early bird fee to get a chance to look through the mounds of books before the crowd arrived. After a couple of years the early bird special was no difference then the regular hours.
I remember we would spend the whole day going through tables and tables of books, then start all over again and go through the boxes that were under the tables that wouldn't fit on top. On arriving home we would stack our books up in piles in the living room and just sit and go through all of our treasures we had found. The prices were so good we couldn't ever pass up a good children's book or an old classic. The book fair now is no more for some sad reason and now that I live in OH I try and find something that comes close to my book cravings in the fall season. Yes we do have book fairs here but their books are not nearly as good. So I was so delighted to find this yummy store. The prices are a big difference than my old childhood book fair but they have excellent books to go through with a wonderful clearance section that I check out every time I'm there. 
So excited to find the Bradley Method book.
I also found some Living magazines for 50 cents.
It will be a whole lot easier to withstand the temptation of buying magazines at the store knowing that I can get them for 50 cents at the Half Price Bookstore.
I also got some children's books and I found this great book by Winston Churchill's daughter and it is just an assortment of personal letters from Winston and Clementine throughout the years. I am Excited to read this. I also have been reading Little House on the Prairie and I found the whole series but 2 for 50 cents a piece.
Happy reading to you all!!
Love Always
~ Marie

Thursday, August 26, 2010

18 Weeks

So far I am not as committed to posting pictures of me and my tummy. But Jon got one of me when we went out the other night to Zane's waterfall. I will really try to get some more through out the rest of my pregnancy :)

 We have been really busy trying to get our garage sale organized and up operating this last week. First day today and 2 more to go. 
Missing you all,
Much Love
~ Marie

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Zane's Waterfall

Last week Jon and I got out with the baby for a nice dinner and then a wee stroll around the outdoor mall.
Coming up to the garden area of the mall we found a band playing music and a lovely waterfall. We never get out to the mall so we were surprised to find that Zane was old enough to play in the waterfall with all the other children. He was a little shy at first but once he started getting wet he forgot his shyness and played like all the others.
It looked like he was the youngest toddler there. 
I love the little crocs he's wearing without his pants.

"I love this mommy and Daddy"
He's crying here because he doesn't want to stop playing.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Catching Up In Florida

Well, Jon, baby and I had such a blast visiting our siblings in Florida. It is a lot of fun being married to Elizabeth's brother in-law and her being married to my brother in-law lol!

Elizabeth made a gorgeous tea cake for one of our afternoon tea times, then we made each other's liquid foundation which was so much fun. 
This little guy got to know Jon pretty well. He would often fall asleep on his shoulder while Jon was holding him. Little Winston now smiles so big at us through the computer on skype whenever we talk. He remembers us :)
Zane loved being able to pull our hair when he would go behind Elizabeth's couch. He thought it was so funny.
Of course more fun beach pics :)
I just love this picture of the two boys.
Zane just loved seeing his Aunty again. He felt honored when she would feed him or hold him and he would talk his gibberish to her whenever she was there to listen .
Jon, Benjamin, Elizabeth and baby Winston went to a conference in NC while we were visiting, so baby and I got to hang out together for a couple of days at their place. We spent one of those days at the beach. It was a lot of fun just the two of us being together soaking in the water and feeling the motion of the waves.

I made sure Zane saved his nap time for the beach and when he fell asleep in his Pack n Play I was able to sit on the shore soaking up all the Florida sunshine with baby sleeping right behind me.

Now coming back home I feel so much better and stronger. Getting motivated as been a challenge for me this pregnancy. I think I needed just a little soaking up with family and the ocean. My last prescription for me would be seeing my parents again real soon. I have been extremely homesick for them. I'm sure the Lord has a time for us as He did for Elizabeth and I.
Happy Monday everyone.
Much Love
~ Marie

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Beach Babies

These two cousins were so much fun to photograph while we were at the beachside in Florida. They both just loved basking in the sun in their basket. 
This was our last night and we spent it at the ocean. Benjamin grilled tilapia and we set up the Pack N Play so the babies could just relax and not have to be in the sand all day.
It was so much fun looking at our little camp site while ridding the waves. Little Zane's head bobbing up and down in the Pack N Play as he
 watched his uncle grilling and Jon rocking Winston to sleep next to them. Such happy memories. 
Eliza and I just loved swimming together, and then we would switch and the boys would relax in the sea as we 
watched and played with the babies :)
No worries many more fun pics to come. 
Elizabeth is also posting all of our fun over at her page

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Florida Update

I have to apologize for being so neglectful of my blog, my lazy streak has come over me ever since I arrived to this glorious state of sun. Plus some of my procrastination has been because I haven't been able to upload photos on my iphoto for some reason. So due to the courtesy of google images I found some lovely pics and spiced them up a bit.

I can't wait to post about adorable little Winston. I have seen him almost every day on Skype but seeing him in person is so much better. When we arrived late Friday night, and I came into Eliza's cozy and cool  room and seeing sleeping Winston on the bed with soft sheets wrapped around his adorable body, love poured all over me. I would say it was love at first sight all over again. ( I never was a baby person until my brother and sister in-law had their first baby Elon and then something happened to me)
 I couldn't help myself, I kissed Winston's adorable chubby cheeks and he smiled in his sleep. He woke up to me kissing him which I felt bad for Elizabeth but secretly I was glad :) The rest of the night Jon and I kissed and cuddled and kissed darling Winston up. He cooed and smiled and cooed at us. I expected to have a big fight with Jon over who got to hold Winston first but he is far better then me and let me have the honor of holding him first. 
Zane is excited whenever he sees Winston. He pushes him while Winston is in his Jeep, he holds his hand when they are side by side in the back seat of the car. He pinched him once and poor little Winston's face got all crinkly and scrunched up, he let out such a pitiful cry, poor baby. I have to watch Zane because he loves giving those love pinches now and then :)

We have been enjoying a lovely time here, I am not to excited to get home. The beach has been such a glorious delight for us. I have been 3 times already and we plan on going again before we leave. 
I will try to get my photos up and posted soon.

Oh and last week before we left for Florida I felt the baby kick for the first time. I was surprised that I could feel it and see it at 16 weeks!! 
Missing everyone and hopping to stop by soon :)
Much Love
~ Marie


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