Thursday, August 26, 2010

18 Weeks

So far I am not as committed to posting pictures of me and my tummy. But Jon got one of me when we went out the other night to Zane's waterfall. I will really try to get some more through out the rest of my pregnancy :)

 We have been really busy trying to get our garage sale organized and up operating this last week. First day today and 2 more to go. 
Missing you all,
Much Love
~ Marie


Help Meet in the Making said...

You are SO cute, as always!

Elizabeth said...

Yay! Look at that cute belly!! I hope the garage selling goes well tomorrow!

Pam said...

You look so pretty honey. Love the up-date, I've missed it. So glad your feeling a little better these days. Those baby pictures down below are really doing my heart good. Can't wait to hear about the garage sale.
Love you so much,

Danielle said...

My sweet Marie,

You are one gorgeous pregnant girl!
How are you pulling off that glamorous up-do?
Can't wait to see that baby belly grow the next few months.
One day when Abi is a momma I am going to be as thrilled with each picture as your sweet mama!
Love the way you love eachother.
Hugs and neck snuggling for your little one!

Becca said...


Davene said...

You look great, Marie!!

I hope the garage sale went well for you.


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