Monday, August 16, 2010

Catching Up In Florida

Well, Jon, baby and I had such a blast visiting our siblings in Florida. It is a lot of fun being married to Elizabeth's brother in-law and her being married to my brother in-law lol!

Elizabeth made a gorgeous tea cake for one of our afternoon tea times, then we made each other's liquid foundation which was so much fun. 
This little guy got to know Jon pretty well. He would often fall asleep on his shoulder while Jon was holding him. Little Winston now smiles so big at us through the computer on skype whenever we talk. He remembers us :)
Zane loved being able to pull our hair when he would go behind Elizabeth's couch. He thought it was so funny.
Of course more fun beach pics :)
I just love this picture of the two boys.
Zane just loved seeing his Aunty again. He felt honored when she would feed him or hold him and he would talk his gibberish to her whenever she was there to listen .
Jon, Benjamin, Elizabeth and baby Winston went to a conference in NC while we were visiting, so baby and I got to hang out together for a couple of days at their place. We spent one of those days at the beach. It was a lot of fun just the two of us being together soaking in the water and feeling the motion of the waves.

I made sure Zane saved his nap time for the beach and when he fell asleep in his Pack n Play I was able to sit on the shore soaking up all the Florida sunshine with baby sleeping right behind me.

Now coming back home I feel so much better and stronger. Getting motivated as been a challenge for me this pregnancy. I think I needed just a little soaking up with family and the ocean. My last prescription for me would be seeing my parents again real soon. I have been extremely homesick for them. I'm sure the Lord has a time for us as He did for Elizabeth and I.
Happy Monday everyone.
Much Love
~ Marie


Anonymous said...

God I just love tea, it must be the British in me, but when ever I see a cup of tea it means home to me.
Love the cute baby photos.

Kirsteen said...

I love the pictures of you and your little man at the beach.

That cake looks wonderful too! Is it a coconut one? If so I have an American friend who makes one that looks exactly the same!

Danielle said...

These were beautiful pics!!!
LOVE Elizabeth feeding your little one. . .
I ache when you say that you are having a hard time getting motivated with this pregnancy, I wish I could come and sit and un-motivate you even more. :-D
I love you! You have a beautiful spirit my sweet friend!

Davene said...

I feel like I could say this about each post, but it's so beautiful to see the family relationships you all have!!! And that cake is beautiful, too. ;)

Seeing you and Zane by yourselves at the beach reminds me of when we lived in Israel and Josiah was small and I took him to the beach by myself. Thanks for bringing a fun memory back to my mind! :)

Pam said...

Oh Marie, You don't know how these pictures are getting to me. I just long to be there. I'm so homesick for you too. I need a dose of my girls. Love Danielle's comment and ditto for me LOL. Ditto Davene's comment too.
Love you so much sweetie,

Amber said...

that cake Elizabeth made looks so pretty!! what a nice relaxing time that sounds like. It really is neat just how much being around loved ones "fills up our well" and gives us energy to keep on going :) I'm glad you were able to go visit!

Homeschool on the Croft said...

Oh what a great time it was for you to be together. Really guys, you all need to get hubbies jobs where you can all live closer together.
I know it's not the same, but isn't technology fantastic?! imagine if you didn't have Skype and the internet, or even phones. Imagine these poor women who headed west with their husbands never to see, or to speak with their mums and sisters again. I always think of the thousands who left this island we're on and the other islands round about us to go to Canada and America - KNOWING they'd never see their loved ones again. Oh man, such a hard thing to do. My heart breaks for them.
Anyway, didn't mean to ramble. It's a habit!
Love ya
Anne x

Miss Jen said...

Beautiful..... your little one is SO precious!!
Oh~ LOVE the tea!!! ♥

Blessings~ Miss Jen

Holly Trujillo said...

Marie I love the way you live your life, with such grace and elegance.
Your family is so beautiful. I miss you terribly. May God grand your pray to be with your parents soon.


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