Saturday, August 7, 2010

Florida Update

I have to apologize for being so neglectful of my blog, my lazy streak has come over me ever since I arrived to this glorious state of sun. Plus some of my procrastination has been because I haven't been able to upload photos on my iphoto for some reason. So due to the courtesy of google images I found some lovely pics and spiced them up a bit.

I can't wait to post about adorable little Winston. I have seen him almost every day on Skype but seeing him in person is so much better. When we arrived late Friday night, and I came into Eliza's cozy and cool  room and seeing sleeping Winston on the bed with soft sheets wrapped around his adorable body, love poured all over me. I would say it was love at first sight all over again. ( I never was a baby person until my brother and sister in-law had their first baby Elon and then something happened to me)
 I couldn't help myself, I kissed Winston's adorable chubby cheeks and he smiled in his sleep. He woke up to me kissing him which I felt bad for Elizabeth but secretly I was glad :) The rest of the night Jon and I kissed and cuddled and kissed darling Winston up. He cooed and smiled and cooed at us. I expected to have a big fight with Jon over who got to hold Winston first but he is far better then me and let me have the honor of holding him first. 
Zane is excited whenever he sees Winston. He pushes him while Winston is in his Jeep, he holds his hand when they are side by side in the back seat of the car. He pinched him once and poor little Winston's face got all crinkly and scrunched up, he let out such a pitiful cry, poor baby. I have to watch Zane because he loves giving those love pinches now and then :)

We have been enjoying a lovely time here, I am not to excited to get home. The beach has been such a glorious delight for us. I have been 3 times already and we plan on going again before we leave. 
I will try to get my photos up and posted soon.

Oh and last week before we left for Florida I felt the baby kick for the first time. I was surprised that I could feel it and see it at 16 weeks!! 
Missing everyone and hopping to stop by soon :)
Much Love
~ Marie


Elizabeth said...

Such a sweet post Marie! Missing you here in NC but can't wait to get back to you and Zane!

The pictures look identical to our beach! So fun!!!

Help Meet in the Making said...

I think it is so neat that Winston and Zane are so close in age! He sure does sound like a cutie. :)
I'm glad you're having such a lovely vacation..we were at the beach in SC a few weeks ago and I already miss it!

Davene said...

Oh, thanks for the update! I love to read about your excitement about seeing Winston. :)

And speaking of wonderful that you got to feel your baby kick!! Are you planning to find out if it's a boy or a girl this time?

Pam said...

Hi sweetie, I thought I might be first to comment, and found I was already fourth; LOL. I love your description of Winston, and of Zane and how is Zane is with Winston. It makes me laugh and cry all at once. My precious grandbabies! I can see it all. I wish
I was there to get my hands on the two of them. I love that they are together again. I loved talking to you tonight; didn't feel satisfied...but Dad enjoyed the movie (he still has about 15 more minutes, but got so sleepy decided to finish tomorrow.) I enjoyed it again.
Love you so much,

Kirsteen said...

Hi Marie,
Thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog today.
I loved reading this post too. I can't seem to get enough of chubby little babies either! Especially boy ones :)
And how great to feel your baby kick! It suddenly starts to feel so much more real then doesn't it?
Kirsteen x

Danielle said...

Ok, I saw that you had posted, but I was waiting for a quiet moment to enjoy it alone. ;-)
I LOVE that you love your sister, and even more that your kiddos love eachother!
Hearing about the baby kicking made me tear up, what a blessing, I mean, an honest, straight from the Lord gift.
That baby is so blessed to be being born into such a loving family!!!
I Love you!

Anonymous said...

Aww lovely post. I'm not much of a baby person myself [yet] though I love watching them playing and sleeping, but am like a fish out of water when caring for a baby.

Amber said...

oh I just love babies - they're just so irresistable! It sounds like you are having a perfectly lovely vacation! Also, I just love the super cute borders you put around the pictures, it makes them look like vintage snapshots! Love it!

Anonymous said...

found your blog through meredith's (striving to serve at home). i live in the same area of ohio, and was wondering if you've found any good thrift or discount stores. i'm looking to start being more thrifty, but i don't know which are the best shops in town. thanks!


Marie said...

Davene thanks for your sweet comment. Yes Jon and I will be finding out what the baby's gender is some time in the next couple of weeks. We are really excited!!!

Elizabeth, I have found if you check in on the Goodwill once a week you can find some really good bargains, its a touch and go kinda thing. I love shopping at the Goodwill's In OH because they are so clean and so organized. They some times have really good prices and some times they don't. Oh and I love garage sailing in OH too because they start on Thursdays and you can never beat a good garage sale when your thrift shopping. I have found some really fine treasures. Hope this helps :)
~ Marie

Anonymous said...

thanks marie!



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