Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Half Price Book Store

I am so happy to write that have I discovered a Half Price book store in my area. I haven't been so happy and cozy in such awhile. Searching the shelves brings such a peace and also an excitement that reminds me of my childhood when Autumn would come and my mom and us first four kids would head off to the amazing book fair held every year at the community college in town. We would bring our lunches and arrive at 8:00 a.m. an hour early to pay the 5 dollar early bird fee to get a chance to look through the mounds of books before the crowd arrived. After a couple of years the early bird special was no difference then the regular hours.
I remember we would spend the whole day going through tables and tables of books, then start all over again and go through the boxes that were under the tables that wouldn't fit on top. On arriving home we would stack our books up in piles in the living room and just sit and go through all of our treasures we had found. The prices were so good we couldn't ever pass up a good children's book or an old classic. The book fair now is no more for some sad reason and now that I live in OH I try and find something that comes close to my book cravings in the fall season. Yes we do have book fairs here but their books are not nearly as good. So I was so delighted to find this yummy store. The prices are a big difference than my old childhood book fair but they have excellent books to go through with a wonderful clearance section that I check out every time I'm there. 
So excited to find the Bradley Method book.
I also found some Living magazines for 50 cents.
It will be a whole lot easier to withstand the temptation of buying magazines at the store knowing that I can get them for 50 cents at the Half Price Bookstore.
I also got some children's books and I found this great book by Winston Churchill's daughter and it is just an assortment of personal letters from Winston and Clementine throughout the years. I am Excited to read this. I also have been reading Little House on the Prairie and I found the whole series but 2 for 50 cents a piece.
Happy reading to you all!!
Love Always
~ Marie


Elizabeth said...

I love your finds!! The Bradley book is a jewel along with the others! I am so happy you found something in the way of books. I only wish I was there with you searching! I love the pictures, its as though I am there with you!

Can't wait to see you in January! Love you Maweee!

~ Elizabeth

Help Meet in the Making said...

I love that picture--your hair looks gorgeous!
I saw a link on a blog a few months ago to a free year's subscription to Martha Stewart living, so I have been enjoying each new issue as it comes in the mail. I'm not particularly a huge fan of hers, but it is a lovely magazine!

Danielle said...

Gorgeous girl! That hair is amazing.
I LOVE the idea of you perusing the shelves, looking for treasures.
Your finds are GREAT!!! Personal letters between the Churchills! COOL! Everything Bradley method is good. And the Living magazines!!! I totally agree, knowing you can get them for .50 will help curb your "appetite" for them in the grocery store. :-D LOVE the pic of little Zane, what's he gnawing on?
Love you, you cozy, tea-drinking, reader you!

Davene said...

I like that first picture of Zane with the stacks and stacks of books. And I also like the picture of you in the parking lot - what a good idea for a snapshot!

I've heard such good things about the Bradley Method. If I ever get pregnant again (and that's a big IF!), I want to look into that more.

I'm finishing up Stepping Heavenward tonight, and am enjoying the cozy feeling that comes from completing a wonderful book...and looking forward with anticipation to starting a new one.

Enjoy your reading! :)

Homeschool on the Croft said...

Ooooh, I've gotta say it: you lucky thing!
Store looks fabulous. I'd love to see the Winston Churchill book. These kind of books are lovely - personal letters - in a day when people knew how to write!
One of my favourites at home here is of Stonewall Jackson's letters to and from his dear wife, Anna (Morrison, by the way - I'm sure we're related!)
Love, Anne (Morrison!) x

Amber said...

awesome!!! this makes me thing of the book fairs at elementary school growing up, those were the best! You should check your local library because I bet they have book fairs or maybe even a book store, I know ours does, and the prices are pretty good! I just love finding great books, searching is half the fun! Happy reading! :)

Pam said...

I was checking in on Anne's blog, and saw your comment, and realized that you had updated; haha.
I love the post. It brings back delicious memories to me. it is like having a cup of tea and a Nutella sandwich with you girls. I can't wait to get there and scrounge through it with you... good thing Dad talked about bringing the truck out :) might have to stock up for a few years. The Churchill book looks great... it all looks great.

I love your new music... I want it I can't find what the name of that second one is.

Love you so much sweetie,

mamajil said...

How cool to have a 1/2 price book store! Love your pictures!

Marie said...

I just love all your comments so much. I hope you all know how thankful I am of all the dear friendships i have developed online with everyone of you.

Its so funny because I didn't like that picture of me at all and I thought to myself, "Marie just get over it, who cares how you look?" and you all supper surprised me with all your sweet compliments LOL!!

Thanks so much
~ Marie

Pioneer Beauty said...

Oh..I love reading and thought that I was the only one addicted to book buying...I truly think I could open up my own library : )
I was just telling Elizabeth that I am going to be having a Giveaway for a Beautiful Copy of Sense and Sensibility..I hope you stop by and enter to win if you don't already have a copy..well..even if you do it would make a beautiful gift..
In Christ



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