Monday, November 2, 2009

Bouncy Fun Fun Fun!!!!!!

I got this little Tigger swing at a garage sale for 3 dollars and Zane is just now using it to his delight!
We all are feeling better around here. The cats also. I think they got it the worst though.

Little Zane has been teething this last week, poor little guy besides him getting fussy
His sense of humor just keeps getting bigger and bigger. He makes us laugh all the time!

Our weekend was nice and warm. Sunday we went to the mall and got some things. I got some shirts at Forever 21 for 4 dollars! I am excited to lose these last few extra pounds so I can get back to my regular size. Elizabeth and I posted a new tutorial on a winged eye on Youtube so you will have to go and check it out :)
I hope everyone has a blessed Monday.


Davene said...

That is so cute; what a great bargain!

Amber said...

he's so cute in his little bouncy swing! I'm glad you are all feeling better! Congratulations on your awesome Forever 21 finds! :D

Holly Trujillo said...

Oh how adorible!! The wonderful thing about tiggers, are, tiggers are wonderful things, there tops are made of rubber, thier bottoms of springs, their bouncy, bouncy bouncy, bouncy, fun fun fun fun fun, the most wonderful about tiggers is I'm the only one, IIIIII'm the only one, Grrrrrrrrr!

Marie said...

Ha ha ha ha Holly you are so funny! I love the song it made me laugh out loud!


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