Saturday, November 7, 2009

Tea and BABY

You can see that he wants to be apart of the tea party!

We have been enjoying a very cozy November so far. The wind is blowing and the trees are dropping their last leaves. We have been using our fireplace a lot now. We love it so far. I know that it will get a little old going outside to cut kindling in the snow, but thats what makes the warmth so much more romantic :)

Lizy and I have been trying to run (for me) and walk (for her) these last days before the snow comes.
Jon has been watching the Food Network which has been getting us inspired for Thanksgiving. We are not sure what way we will be cooking our turkey. Jon wants to fry it :) because it will only take a half in hour, I want to smoke it but that will take about 5 hours so we will see.

I hope everyone is doing well and has a wonderful weekend :O


Judith said...

Well yeah, having a tea party without me :P lol... Have fun girls, I wish i could be with u guys...and I wish u the best thanksgiving ever!!!! Lots of Blessings for all of you!!!!

Amber said...

that looks like a lovely tea party - and how cozy on a cold autumn day! if you fry it be careful, because it can be dangerous!


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