Wednesday, November 4, 2009

GoodWill Shopping

" *Findings* at the Goodwill are like finding treasure". Those were the words of my dear friend Amber, and I do agree with her :) I found some wonderful treasures that I would like to share with you all.
I found this tea pot for $2.99 a week ago. I love the gold around the lid and how the handle curves. It was made in England which makes me happy to think that it came from the country I long to visit.
The tea cup is so sweet. I got it for my sister Elizabeth, because she collects "Blue Tea Items" I got it for 59 cents :) I still can't get over this *treasure finding*!

And it was also made in England by Johnson Bros.


Meredith Ivy said...

How lovely and what great deals! And all from England~~ I want to visit there very much too, Marie... but maybe for different reasons! (hehe)

Marie said...

Ha ha ha Meredith! Who knows, you may be visiting really soon!!

Amber said...

oh my goodness! what great finds!! Kaleb has to work a caregiving conference this weekend and so I'm going to make the rounds at Goodwill and my favorite antique store, I can't wait to see what I find! If you ever come through Albuquerque I think we'll have to do some "thrifting" and have tea somewhere, I hear there's this really cool teahouse down in Old Town :D

Holly Trujillo said...

What wonderful Finds!!! They are beautiful and they warm the heart, don't they!

Marie said...

Amber I would LOVE to go to that teahouse with you the next time I drive through Albuquerque! It seems like I drive through every couple of years :) I can't wait!!!!!!


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