Thursday, February 28, 2008

Clean Claen

Himilce is coming!
Clean, scrub, organize!
I am so excited my sister in law and little nephew will be here in a couple of days! She is coming to look for a house in AZ! John and I went grocery shopping last night and now we just need to finish a little organizing around our little flat! We are newly weds so we still have boxes and odds and ends that we haven't delt with yet.
I baked some cookies today so she has some yumm's while she's here!
While you are reading this if you could pray that she finds a house that is cheap and cute for her and my brother while she's here so she can sleep at night! That would be wonderful!!!


Lisa said...

I will definitely pray for a good house for Himilce.

Your excitement about her coming to visit is great...she's a lucky sister-in-law!!

Davene said...

Marie, it's great to "meet" you! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog!

What fun to get to know Himilce's extended family. I was a little confused until I figured out that you and your twin sister married brothers. I got that right, didn't I? :)

Now I know why Himilce hasn't updated her blog recently; she's been hanging out with you!!!

Marie M said...

Thanks Lisa and Davene for your comments!
I appreciate your prayers! Well, It looks like she got a house and a job so praise God!!!

Davene, So good to "meet you"!! I always read your blog but just never left a comment until now! Yes you got the family figured out all right!! Yes Himilce did come and visit!!! You are a smart cookie! How did you figure us all out?

Davene said...

Marie, I don't even know how I figured you all was very confusing. :) But I continue to be amazed and inspired by the closeness of you siblings (biological and adopted) and the in-laws (on both sides of the family). To see relationships like that is a very rare thing these days, it seems. Way to go!!!


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