Thursday, December 4, 2008


 John's job at Met Life has closed out its office in Phoenix because of the current economy. All of John's co-workers last day is December 31. God has certainly been looking after us because John is the only employee who didn't lose his job! Since the company is closing out in phoenix, Met Life is sending John and I to Dayton, OH next month! They recognize what a great worker John is and they don't want to lose him!
 No Christmas decorating for me this year :( John starts work the 1st of January. When I get home it looks like boxes and clean out for me!! I am really sad to leave my sisters Elizabeth and Himilce. 

I am excited to live in a new area though! Were looking at houses to rent right now and every house we find is adorable! I will post some pictures when we decide on which one we can afford! Maybe I will put up our little christmas tree when we move in to our new home. We can enjoy it for a week or two, even if it is after christmas! 


Davene said...

Wow, that's quite a change!!! Welcome (soon) to the East Coast...well, almost...I guess Ohio isn't exactly East Coast though. :) It's a lot closer than Phoenix anyway!

I hope the move goes smoothly, and that you have lots of help so that you can rest and not do too much. It's wonderful that you got to have such a nice visit with your family before this move.

Can't wait to hear about and see pictures of your new home!

ElleBee said...

Oh my! I grew up just east of Dayton and my parents still live there. We get back a few times a year. It's a good place to live, within driving distance to some bigger cities, and there's some really nice shopping in the suburbs. Homes are DEFINITELY reasonably priced, both for renting and owning. Have fun with the move!

Jujita said...

What a blessing!

Amber said...

That is a big change, but I am glad that John didn't lose his job, that is a big blessing! I've never been to Ohio so I can't wait to see pictures of what it looks like. I like your idea of putting up the christmas tree after christmas, maybe you could get a little countertop one to put in the kitchen or something so you can still enjoy christmas before you move too! Good luck!! May God continue to bless you and watch over you all! :)


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