Friday, May 8, 2009

House Update

Jon  and I are still waiting to hear back from the bank about our loan. We are so excited that it hurts to wait so long. We had a house inspection yesterday and there wasn't much the matter with it except that it is an old house that should need some repairs. We are excited to start on those repairs.

I haven't updated yet about my little Farmers Market venture, I submitted my application a couple of weeks ago and they called me and told me I was too similar to some other vendors already. I was so disappointed. I didn't notice anyone selling tea and scones the week I was there. I guess I can keep faxing my application every month so that the squeaky wheel gets the oil :)


Elizabeth said...

Thats right Marie, keep sending in your application! I would love to be able to buy fresh scones and a cup a tea!!!!

I cannnnnt wait to hear back about the house! :)

The Alexander Family said...

Thanks for keeping us updated about the house! I had been wondering what had happened with that.

I'm sorry your application was denied for the farmers market! It's crazy when they do that, I mean don't they WANT more vendors to sell things so more people will come to THEIR market? We've had problems with that kind of stuff too... Sometimes if you explain the situation to the market manager you will find sympathy, but a lot of times the ones we've run into are just control freaks!! :) I hope it works out for you. I think it's a great idea. :)

Meredith (I just realized I'm signed in as our family's blog but I don't want to sign in as mine because I think I may lose all that I wrote above!)

Holly Trujillo said...

"The the Master gave the old women justice, not because he was juste, but he said to himself 'surely this women will wear me to my grave if I do not give her what she wants'" Not perfectly qouted but you remember the verse! Good luck!!


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