Sunday, June 7, 2009

New Home

Thursday the day before the closing date we found out that we finally got a approved on our house loan! Yes, almost a month later we find out! Praise the Lord :) 
The very next day at 2:00 we signed all the papers!

We celebrated later that night and had a special dinner in our new home! 

Because of our excitement we didn't get many pictures in  but no worries, there is much more to come! We just walked through the house and looked over everything again, talked about where we wanted furniture and how we were going to set up the babies room. We set up the babies room that night and I will post some pictures soon. We have been slowly moving all Saturday and Sunday. The house is just a couple minutes away from where we are renting. I am so glad because I can just load the truck up all week while Jon is working and take out a big chuck of the ugly moving we all so dread.


Elizabeth said...

Oh my goodness Marie!!! I am soooooooo excited for you guys!!!! I can't wait to see more pictures!

I love the kitchen!!!!!!!!!!!

Lizzy said...

I am so happy for you two! God is so good! and I CANNOT wait to 'meet' your new little one! praying for a safe, uneventful delivery. =)

Katheryn said...

Yeah!!! Way too much fun moving and having a babies room. I have a feeling that baby won't be seeing that room for a long while... :)

Can't wait to see it all, congratulations, there is nothing like being a home owner.

Amber said...

Oh that is just such wonderful news!!! Congratulations! I'm so excited for you, just think, you'll be able to bring your new baby home to a new home!! Just don't wear yourself out moving! I can't wait to see more pictures! Yay! Yay! And Double YAY!! :D


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