Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Russell In The Navy

Zane was so proud of his uncle Russell graduating from Naval boot camp.
Russell, looked so hansom in his uniform when we got to see him last week. He not only was so hansom  he also had acquired excellent gentlemanly gestures for us ladies, ( my mom and me ) He would always open the door for us, he also kept his uniform impeccably clean, he wasn't sure if he should even venture out onto the sand while we were visiting Lake Michigan because of fear of ruining his polished shoes. :)
It was so fun being able to see my parents. Yes we were only gone one night but 2 whole days with them was so delightful. They ate up the little Munchkin Pie. He kissed them goodbye when we left. It was such a bitter sweet weekend. 
Zane just loved the sand in his feet. He also loved it when my mom and I went for a walk beside the lake side. It was such a beautiful moment. The weather was just a little breezy and we laughed when we saw this shaggy dog chasing Seagulls and swimming in the water.
We also got to celebrate Jon's Happy Birthday while we were there. 
He is now a whopping 27 year old. He says he is loosing his memory already. He still thinks he's 25 and I have to remind him now Lol!
Memories like these are so precious to me. I am so glad we have pictures and blogs to capture them. 


Elizabeth said...

What awesome pictures of everyone Marie! As Mom says "I just ate them up"! He he ;)

Meredith Ivy said...

Marie, the pictures are so beautiful! It sounds like a wonderful, short trip.

I am so excited about the news I heard from Elizabeth that y'all may be in the area in August! I am so thrilled. I hope it will work out to get together again! :)

Amber said...

what great pictures!! and a great trip!

New Mom said...

Can't get over how Zane looks so much like Elon! Cute pics!

Homeschool on the Croft said...

I know I'm really late looking at these posts, but I'm so enjoying your blog and the wonderful photos. I love the fact that mum and dad are here with your wee guy.....sorta 'joins it all up' for me waaay over here!
Off to read some more!
Love, Anne x


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