Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Tea Party

A couple of weeks back I hosted a Valentine's Tea party at my house. Some lovely ladies from my church came as well as my dear Friend Jodi over at ~Wonderful World of Love~
It was so delightful.  
Delicious food, lovely flowers and tea arrived with all the beautiful faces that carried them.
Daisy over at developpĂ©...graceful becoming  made these adorable cookies on a stick. 
 We also made Valentine Cards and a Valentines craft.
This was the craft we made. My mom was the one who gave me this idea. 
The clanking of tea cups and the sips of tea were thoroughly enjoyed over delicious conversation with lots of laughter and fun.
Wishing you all a very delightful Valentines!
Much love to all my lovely friends,
~ Marie

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Pam said...

Oh wow, this is like a magazine. It is soooo pretty. I am loving looking at it over and over. Your table cloth looks so pretty, and so is everything on it. I am so glad I got to see everything. What fun.
Happy Valentines Sweetie, I am missing you girls.... you are what always made Valentines such a special time.
Love you,


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