Saturday, March 26, 2011

New Window Treatment

Finished this project this morning and it sure gave us a new fresh feeling for this living room space.
We have been wanting to do something new but not sure what. 
We also got a new set of couches on Craigslist for almost nothing and we are now enjoying new furniture also.
These curtains are so fun because they have brought more warmth to our living space.
Ezra is loving the feel of the new couches. 
On another note,
I have been having a hard
 time getting enthusiasm to make a post lately.
 I am hoping I can come out of my winter hideout and let spring time bring me some inspiration for the blog. 
 Happy spring blogging to you all!
~ Marie


Lizzy said...

LOVE the curtains - the color, pattern, length, everything. sweet baby pics, too! <3

Help Meet in the Making said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)
I opened this post and before I even started reading, the first thing I thought was..I love that fabric!! The new curtains and furniture look great!

Kirsteen said...

Your curtains are lovely and I love your sofas too.

And of course your little man looks as adorable as ever!

I hope you get over the end of winter blues too. Much as I love all the cosiness of winter, by this time of year I'm sooo ready for the spring to arrive and warm us all up and brighten up the days too.

Our clocks went forward last night over here, so tonight it was light until nearly 8 o'clock which was amazing! The nights are going to get longer and longer which is a good thought!

If you're stuck for blogging posts, just give us more photos of your cute little boys! ♥

Holly Trujillo said...

Hi Marie! I Have spend about the last hour looking through your posts and it makes me SO home sick for you. Thank you for sharing such delightful moments with all of us!
Your new window covers are beautiful! I am having difficulty with my window covers in our home. In the almost three years of living here, I have not found a really good way for the windows. But as always your posts are very inspiring :) I love you sweetie.

Pam said...

Oh wow, I love the curtains sweetie. They are beautiful. I love the material too. Also, love the way they are hanging on the rod. It sure makes me feel like making those curtains I have been thinking about. Also, love the couches. They look great! And as Kirsteen said so does the little man on them.
Love you so much sweetie,

Danielle said...

Miss Marie,
I just want to hug you! Your posts are always so beautiful, and full of heart, I look forward to each one!
Thr curtains are wonderful! I love the splash of color in the otherwise neutral space! They are just beautiful! Your momma did such an amazing job passing down her craftiness.
Love love love the picture of your honey-man leaning over the baby. Some men were just born to be daddies and I'm so glad you are blessed with one of those the way I am!
Love you sweet sister!

Amber said...

I love your new curtains, the fabric is so pretty! and the new couch is just perfect!

Keri On said...

OHHH! The fabric for your window treatments is BEAUTIFUL! and the sofas are perfect! What a lovely room!


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