Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Star Wars according to a 3 year old

This is so cute, I laughed and laughed!! If you haven't seen the Star Wars movies it won't be as funny. Its the way she tells the story which makes it so hilarious!!


Elizabeth said...

oh my word! so cute Marie!

Katheryn said...

You have to share with me how you upload all those videos from you tube, I am really not very good at that. Hunter loves Star Wars I will have email that one to him. :)

Marie M said...

Sure Katherine!!! its really easy once you get the hang of it.
When you go to utube, and you find the video you like, under the video there is an option to share the video with a picture of an envelope. click that.
Then it gives you the option to send. click that. Then it allows you to fill in the email address and message to whom your sending it to! I hope that works! If not let me know!!

I didn't know how to upload videos from utube on to my blog. Jonathan had to show me. So if you need to upload something, you go to utube, select your vidoe, right of the video there is a little strip of letters and nubers which is called "Embed" you have to copy that and then go to your new post page and click on the tab on the top right that says," Edit HTML" once your on that page you can paste the Embeded, and then go back to the compose tab and the video should appear. I hope i made sense explaining it!
Hope the family is doing well! Love you!


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