Sunday, November 2, 2008

Nothing But the Blood of Jesus

This song has been giving me so much comfort this last week! I have had a really hard week and when I put this song on it has lifted my spirits to trust in the Lord and not to give into worry. I know that my life can't be perfect but Jesus is here and He can wash away all sin.


Amber said...

That's right, put your burden on the Lord's shoulders, and let him bear the weight, he wants to do that for you. Remember "Pray about everything, worry about nothing" :) I hope you have a better week this week. *HUGS*

Marie said...

Thank you so very much Amber! I appreciate your kind wisdom!

This week has gotten so much better even now! The Lord has worked out huge tangles that have been in my life. He is still working them out even now and I am so amazed!! He has done miracles this weekend! Prayers have been answered in such an amazing way that I am still in complete shock! Prayers that I have prayed for 2 1/2 years! It started really rocky first and it is still a little rocky but know it is in the Lord's Hands completely! I have such an amazing peace! The Lord is most certainly the Love of my life!!!
Thanks again Amber for your care and concern! I really appreciate it!! " *HUGS*" to you too! :)

mamajil said...

May the Lord encourage you and refresh you! Have a good weekend!


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