Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Baby Check Up!

Well, I had my ultra sound this morning and it looks like I'm not as far along as I had thought. My cycles are very irregular so I must have gotten pregnant later in the month. I couldn't see the little peanut but I got to see the placenta sack which was very healthy. I go in next Friday and hopefully I will get to see the baby and hear the heart beat! I have been feeling pretty good. I have been really hungry. Besides feeling really tired which  I have been getting a nap in the afternoons and my nose which has been smelling very nasty odors! I haven't been that sick yet, so I hope I will pass that bad part of the pregnancy:) My pants have shrunk in the legs and bottom and have grown really tight in the waist and hips! I hope to write more later! 

Oh yes, my dear sister Katheryn just found out she's pregnant also! She's on her 5th baby! I have a long ways to go to catch up to her:) Congratulations Katheryn! I'm so happy we get to be pregnant together!!!!


Katheryn said...

Yeah!!! We are way too excited. It hasn't hit me yet just because Bret took his 2nd CPA test and I have a bad cold. Not too fun. But we are all very excited! You know I was thinking of the cruise and how much fun it will be with all 3 babies...too cute.

Glad to know you are feeling well and a nap is the cure. Jus enjoy each moment it truly passes so quickly.


Jaedan's Mom said...


I am very excited for you. There is nothing like a little baby to bless your life!

I never had morning sickness with Jaedan and I think it was because I ate every little while and right away in the morning. I have heard that morning sickness can be caused by increased level of hormones mixed with an empty stomache. So my advice is feed that baby often and before you get to hungry.

Sending up a prayer for your growing family!

Lizzy said...

Congratulations, Marie!! I will be praying for your and sweet baby's health/well-being. So happy for you!!!!

Amber said...

awww this is so fun - when's your due date? I'm glad you haven't had any morning sickness yet, I hope to that you get to pass that bad part. I'm so excited for you! :)

mamajil said...

How exciting, I had to go back and read some back posts (I've gotten behind on my reading with the kids and all so I went back and read your on the nest post) and this is so great!!! Congratulations!! SO 2 of your sisters are pregnant too?? How fun is that!! My sister and I were pregnant together for one pregnancy, her first and my 4th our babies were 10 days apart. It was a fun pregnancy we would go to the Dr.'s and then go meet for lunch...
Again Congrat's!!!


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