Wednesday, January 14, 2009

House Pictures

Here are some pictures of our  house here in Dayton! I tried getting these pictures with a low battery on my camera but I couldn't get any of the kitchen or the bathrooms .
This is the living room! I don't know if you can see the snow outside? It snows buckets here but it doesn't stick to the ground much. In Colorado when it would snow it would be in feet, here it just disappears! I love our neighborhood! Last week two of our neighbors brought us welcome gifts, cookies and fudge!! They were so nice and we all talked for about an hour and a half! God is so good to give us such nice neighbors! 
This is the Dinning Room, it looks out the front porch. Right of the picture is the kitchen, sorry you can't see it.
This is the Master Bedroom. I love the window, you can't see it to well here but it gives the room excellent atmosphere!
Going in to the sub room you have to go through the Master. I love that room! My closet is in there and also the Master Bathroom.
That door in the mirror is the hallway door going out into the dinning room.
This window in the little sub/study is so nice because of all the light it brings to this room and our Master room! Can you see the snow? The houses are so adorable here! I can't get over it!
I should be posting my cake that I decorated last night! Stay tuned!!


mamajil said...

what an adorable home!!! I am glad the move went well for you.
Hope you are feeling well!!

Meredith Ivy said...

Everything is beautiful, Marie! You were so fast to get unpacked and settled in. I love your decorating style.

I'm so glad your neighbors have been sweet to you! That makes the biggest difference. Have you been able to try out any churches in the area yet? Do you find things to be less expensive there than they were in AZ?

Anonymous said...

I'm a new reader and I must: I simply love how you've decorated!

New Mom said...

It looks so cute Marie! I don't know how you're ever going to part with it. I like the new coverlet on the master bed. What happened to the red?

Amber said...

Oh the house is absolutely SO GORGEOUS!!! You've decorated it so wonderfully, everything looks so pretty and inviting!! You have such a wonderful decorating touch! :) I'm glad you have such good neighbors, maybe they will become new friends too!

Marie said...

Thank you Mama Jil! Yes I have been feeling good, good and hungry:)!!!

Thank You Meredith! Yes we tried out a church last week and found the speaker to be a visitor, we really loved him but we still want to hear the main pastor. Were going to try it again and see if we want to make the church our home or not!

The prices in houses are unbelievable here! We still can't get over how cheap they are!

Thank you so much so much Jujita!

Thanks Himilce! I love that bed spread also but didn't use it much because it was to girlie for John's taste. The red one got dirty on the trip so out came my lovely shabby chic cover!!

Thank you Amber!! I hope our neighbors do become friends because they are such nice people! The older couple as well as the younger couple! The younger couple invited us over for dinner on Saturday night! I'll have to post how that turns out!!

Lisa said...

Your house looks absolutely cozy and...HOME! I really like it, Marie! Thanks for posting photos.

Now we live closer to each other. (PA);-)


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