Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cold Sunday

I woke up to a some what sunny morning but when we came out of church something greeted us much more violent! The car windshield was already covered in snow! Besides the crazy weather outdoors our Sunday has been very warm and cozy! We made pizza and tried out our new power juicer we had found at the Good Will. It was brand new! It works amazingly! My lips are stained red from the beets I blended with the carrots and apple! I feel like I'm finally feeding this baby something good!! 

Tonight Jonathan and I are going out with Julie and Lewis for a girls and boys night out! We met with their bible study group this morning and there is about 8 married couples in the class!  So tonight, Julie and I are meeting with the girls and watching a movie while the boys are going to hang out together! 

I hope everyone is enjoying a great Sunday!! 


mamajil said...

Brrr! I suppose you wouldn't want to hear that we had to run our air conditioner for a bit yesterday....
My sister lives up your way and they were in the 20's with wind chills in the teens and snow. When I told her we had our air on I thought I heard her hang up on (just kidding) although she did tell not to even mention the warm weather to her....KEEP WARM and hope y'all had fun.

Anonymous said...

O how fun!
I just adore the card!

Amber said...

you're making friends like wildfire - I'm so glad! :)


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