Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Baby Shower

I have been so excited this last week because  I'm traveling to Phoenix in two weeks for my baby shower! The baby shower won't be just for me but also for Himilce at Growing Up Gracefully  and Katheryn at Mom Serving Christ We will have one Grand baby shower all together! My sister Elizabeth is making the cakes, Katheryn's mom Kathy who is married to my Grandpa is hosting the party, she also is the one flying me down. My mom is driving down from Colorado with Olga and the boys. I have been having a blast putting together Himilce and Katheryn's shower gifts. I wish I could post them but not before the party :)


Meredith Ivy said...

Oh, how fun, Marie! I know you must be looking forward to seeing everyone. Have you and Elizabeth ever been apart this long?

I can't wait to see pictures!

Anonymous said...

oh what FUN!

Katheryn said...

Marie...oooo, can't wait. I know everyone is excited to come down and enjoy some time together. I wish I could share what I am "cooking up" but nope, not until the shower. :) See you soon. P.S. The kids are so excited to see you and Olga.

Amber said...

Oh how fun!! I hope you have a great time and receive lots of cute baby goodies!!!

Marie said...

Hi Meredith! Yeah Elizabeth and I have been without each other for a couple of years, I lived at home while she lived in Phoenix for a year and a half. We talk on the phone so much that it feels like we live close by!.

Thank you Amber! I wish I could invite you to my baby shower!

I am excited Katheryn to see what your "Cooking up" I am excited to see you and those precious girls!

Thanks Jujita for all your sweet comments! I really appreciate them!!


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