Monday, December 14, 2009

Nigella Laswon's Christmas Cake

The delightful Nigella Lawson has a yummy Christmas cake that is perfect for a cozy winter evening.

We had tea with my Christmas cake last night. The cake wasn't at all hard or dry. The fruits I used were raisins, cranberry's and prunes. I zested a bunch of orange rind like Nigella suggested and that was delicious . I had to guess on some of the measurements because Nigella didn't say them in her video. I looked up boiled cake on Allrecipes web site and made that my outline. Nigella used a coffee liquor which I didn't have so I used some cooking rum and some strong coffee instead. I just eyeballed the amount of cooking rum, coffee and honey and coco powder as well as the fruit. It was a very yummy cake and I think you can tweak it as much as you want.
I loved the color of the cake with garland and oranges around it.
You can watch Nigella in action if you wish! She is so much fun and I love her british accent. She uses the best adjectives!


Elizabeth said...

I can't get enough of it!! :P

Amber said...

that really does look and sound yummy!

Holly Trujillo said...

That sounds delious and she makes is all so wonderful and festive. I am so happy it turned out for you. I love your pictures of it, so delightful!

Lizzy said...

oh my goodness. even though Christmas has passed, this cake WILL be made in my lil' Texas kitchen if I do say so myself! lol! can't wait to read her book, too.


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