Saturday, April 3, 2010

Zane Climbing His Mountain

Zane's first time climbing the stairs at Aunty's and Uncles house.
Once he got the first step he just took off!
I love his stuffy little diaper bottom in this picture.

He's saying " I did it Mom"
King of the Mountain!!!
What this really means is that I now have to keep a third eye on him throughout the day. Whew, the older he gets the more eyes I need :)


Unknown Artist said...

SO cute! Loved these! He is so precious! You are blessed. =)

Anonymous said...

Aww what a cutie.

Anonymous said...

AW, he's precious; love the pics :)

Miss Jen said...

Awww... simply ADORABLE! :)
You are SO blessed.

Love~ Miss Jen

bielka said...

hes is too cute ? where is elizabeth living @ maybe i want to go visit my nephews :) <3

bielka said...

i mean't I want to go visit my 2 nephews @ the same time. hehe

Judith said...

Marie Oh My!!! So cute little Zane is... Soon I will be able to kiss him and hug him and give him his respective crown as the king of the mountain.. love it, nice post :D

Marie said...

Thank you all for your sweet comments. It blesses me so much to hear your praises. I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Sunday. Many blessings in Christ!

Bielka, so good to hear from you. I wish so bad that you could come and see us. Elizabeth and Benjamin are in Jacksonville florida.
you are most welcome to come and see us dear sister. Love your comments and love you so much.

I would also love for you to come and visit as well. I know we have so much in common. I hope it will not be too long before we meet. Thanks again for your lovely praise of Zane it truly blesses me.

Amber said...

what cute pictures! he sure is growing fast!


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