Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pregnant Woman Eats From Honey Man

One of Jon's many delightful meals he has been making for my pregnant cravings.

 This dish was a baked fish with home made bread crumbs ( Saltines) and crushed pecans. The veggies are asparagus wrapped in pancetta cooked on a skillet. The sauce is a mustard base? Not sure exactly but it was superb! 
The lemonade topped it off with a lovely movie as the baby went down to bed. 


Help Meet in the Making said...

Looks delicious! He is quite the chef!

Pam said...

Awww. Jon is such a sweetie. It looks like a wonderful and healthy gourmet meal. I'm so glad he is taking such good care of you sweetie.
Love you

Elizabeth said...

It looks so YUMMY! Jon takes such nice care of you :)

Sorry I missed you tonight! I really wanted to talk too! You know how it is when you and I need to hear the other's opinion about the website! So please save what you have to tell me and don't forget! :P

Amber said...

those asparagus and that lemonade look soooooo good! what a sweet husband! :)

Homeschool on the Croft said...

Gulp! Let me get this right....Did hubbie *make* this for you? As in....hubbie makes it, puts it on a plate, and *gives* it to you???
I'm sorry, but really and truly, my hubbie is wonderful, but - well, let's just say he's not only a Scotsman, not only a Highlander, but also an islander.
I have many joys being married to him: having food made for me is not one of them.
I think I'll start educating him! Maybe he'll start after our 20th anniversary. Maybe!
Love, Anne x


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