Thursday, June 24, 2010

Zane's Nursery

Well, I am excited to finally feel happy about the Nursery. It still needs some finishing touches but I am glad to be satisfied with it. The window brings in some extremely harsh light so it was hard to take pictures without a glare. I closed the curtains but its still hard to see without the light.
The curtains we found at the Goodwill, just some scrape material for $4 but my amazing Honey Man sewed them up and created some really pretty curtains.

 I have been enjoying a CD that I bought for Zane when he was still in the womb. Its a instrumental lullaby CD which I never played until now. Zane loves it when I put it on for him at bed time. He starts clapping to it, and then rubs his head in his little stuff bunny and teddy bear. He sure makes life so fun and cozy :)


Elizabeth said...

O my goodness! I just love it!! Can't wait to see it in person! :)

Danielle said...

WOW, I second what E~ said!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the wall color! giving me ideas for our own room! :-D

Pam said...

I just have to third what Elizabeth and Danielle said. I love it sweetie. That material is beautiful.
I love the old world classical feel of the whole room.

I loved hearing all about little Zane's birthday today.I could just picture it all. My goodness, we are so homesick for you all.
Love, Mom

Meredith Ivy said...

I love it so much. I'm already thinking... "If this new little baby is not another boy, I wonder what nursery theme you will use?"

I can't believe Zane is already one year old. It feels like just a few months ago that I was so excited to read your wonderful news of his much-anticipated arrival. :) And now what a blessing to have another baby on the way so close in age to Zane. They will have so much fun together as they get older!

I just wrote on Elizabeth's blog how much I am missing your comments now that I am taking a blogging break! I love reading the updates on your blog and look forward to resuming my blog soon (maybe within the next few weeks... I miss it a lot!).

Much love to you dear sister!

Davene said...

His room has such a warm and cozy feel to it! Very, very nice!

Happy belated birthday, handsome Zane! :)

living from glory to glory said...

Good Morning Marie How are you feeling my sweet friend? You are getting everything looking so nice and a calming sense ta boot.
Love Ya Roxy What is your e-mail?

Marie said...

Thanks so much everyone for your kind and sweet comments. I sure love you all bunches.

Meredith, I have been missing your updates but I have been feeling the same way about my blog. Maybe taking a break because I can't seem to keep up. We will see though. I am anticipating your return.
I don't know yet what theme to go with if we do have a girl. If we get another boy we will just stick with the same one.

I have been feeling better but still feeling PREGNANT! He he he. I am sure missing you.
I love you so much. Yes you do have my email. I just have failed to write you back. I have been behind but I SO loved getting a email from you.


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