Thursday, July 1, 2010

14 Weeks Prenatal Visit

Today was a beautiful day. The weather was cool and dry which brought back warm memories of my childhood at 9 years old living on the 3R ranch in Colorado. I can remember my mom baking whole wheat bread that tasted of honey when you bite into it. I also remember trying to memorize my times tables so I could win the giant chocolate bar that was earned by completing so many problems under 5 minutes. I also remember Elizabeth and I playing in the pile of huge tractor tires behind the barn and how we created our house out of it and formed all kinds of rooms and such. Also remembering how we used sneak up and to climb on to the horses when they were in the corral when my dad was away and how we would hold on for dear life without having a saddle and bridal and how the horses used to try to scrape us off by riding so close to the fence that we would have to move our bodies over to the other side of their body so as not to get smashed.
 I know we were naughty girls Dad :)
*sigh* such happy memories. 

I could go on and on but I must stop and write the new memories I created today. First off I am happy to write that I finally got the kitchen floor clean lol, the cabinet doors washed and the back hallways cleared and cleaned. It seems ages since I have been able to feel the clean around my kitchen. The happy feeling of the house being cleaned sure did help my pregnancy hormones from raging. It has been such a frustrating couple of weeks when I can't seem to keep up with everything.
Well, anyways back to my happy cleaning, the reason being is I was expecting my fist prenatal visit from my Midwife Patty this afternoon, which I wanted to serve a nice cup of tea and something yummy to eat. I was planning on making a strawberry pie but ran out of time, So I compromised and went for the boxed brownie mix which happened to be the brand that is all natural. It tastes amazing and  also tastes like "real" food.
Patty came and we chatted over tea for over 4 hours lol! Such happy memories. We discussed all the new births that she delivered and I got all the juicy stories which are always so amazing. I just love how the Lord is with Patty. She is such a remarkable woman. Every birthing story she tells me I am always amazed and blessed to hear about. She has such a sense of humor also so we are always laughing and laughing during her visits. 
She did my check up, she said that my urine showed up great. My calcium looked good, my sugar levels were good, my pulse was a runners pulse which made me feel amazing because I haven't stepped outside at all for a walk or a run lol! I guess its that teething baby that keeps me on toes.
My blood pressure was really high which she was shocked about. She made me lay down and take a couple of minutes to relax and breath before she took it again to double check, which taking it the second time showed that it was ok. I guess cleaning the kitchen floor raises my blood pressure or something LOL! My iron was good as well. She told me to start taking some progesterone cream to help with the mood swings and also to help with the crying and such LOL. I think I will take her up on this. She also gave me a list of things I can be taking to help with the upset stomach and vomiting. She gave me some good web sites to visit, to encourage my healthy eating and prenatal care.

We got to listen to the precious heart beat and hear that it was healthy and strong. Jon got to record it :)

Patty's visit made me so excited about pregnancy and birth all over again. It was so fun and exciting to hear all the foods and nutrition that is so important. And it is also so fun to learn so much the second time around. I feel like I have a head start compared to the first time :) 

Little Zane recognized her right away and felt at home with her even though it at been about 5 months ago since he had last seen her. It was little Winston's birth I believe.

Sorry no tummy picture today. I do want to start getting those in soon. I just love seeing those of you who do keep us all updated on the size of you and the baby. So much fun.
I wish every one a  blessed day.
So much love
~ Marie 


Pam said...

Oh it is so nice to read your memories both past and present (is that an oxymoron or what?) I loved your post so much and love that we got an update on Patty. You should figure out how to tell some of her stories. I could picture her there with you and all the stories of those dear Amish ladies. Also, I loved the stories of when you were little. It does me such good to hear, because I forget a lot of those things, and like to remember that they happened. Love that precious Grandbaby! So cute.
Love Mom

Amber said...

how exciting! I bet your kitchen is practically twinkling with shiny cleanliness! Brownies and a hot cup of tea sounds just heavenly. It sounds like you and baby #2 are doing so great! That is wonderful! A long time ago I started collecting pregnancy books and I remember that "What to Eat When You're Expecting" had so many yummy and healthy recipes in it. So you might have to check that out too! Zane is such a cutie, I think he will be a great older brother :) Oh and I almost forgot, those childhood memories were so picturesque and happy, thank you for sharing those!

New Mom said...

AGHHH! Just spent forever typing a looong comment and it disappeared!

Glad to hear the appt went perfectly!

Don't even worry about the house, it's just going to get dirty again! I'm telling myself this as I currently lay typing in an unmade bed :) I was going to take a picture of my kitchen and living room, it was THAT BAD! Actually, I clean b/c if I don't I get crazy, crazier than I already am!
The blood pressure thing made me laugh. If blood pressure raises when we clean then I'm suprised I haven't had a stroke every time we've ever had guests over. As I am always cleaning in PANIC-MODE!

The nursery looks so pretty with the paint colors you chose combined with the curtains on the wall. It would look really cute with a bookshelve with some old children's picture books on display. you'll have to start garage sale hunting for one of those!

Progesterone cream huh? I don't get too emotional when I am pregnant but I do get a more fiesty temper. Any increase in tears is too much for Nathan. Did you know your brother does not do well with emotional women?! Lucky for him, he isn't around when I'm letting the tear flow. Really, I don't get crazy till I get a visit from my Aunt Flo and then I think I need to be put in the funny farm b/c I almost crack-up! Maybe I need progesterone cream for that time of the month...

Your story about the horses made me smile but also cringe. You girls could've really been hurt! Thank God for His mercies on us naughty children. And I'm wondering, where was nathan to put a stop on your fun?

Love the pictures of Zane, he is a cutie! Looks just like my best boy Elon! Can't wait to see him, hopefully this summer?

New Mom said...

ummm, excuse all the typos in that last comment...

Danielle said...

Miss M~
I love you! The 3R ranch was like a haven from the outside world! Your dad and his ginormous hat, and boots, and your sweet momma making something yummy. . . Oh I have GREAT memories of that time! SO SO happy that you are using a mid-wife again! I know I have absolutely no claim in this, but, I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!! :-D
Love you!

Marie said...

Lol Mom, I have wondered if I could write her stories out on my blog but don't think I could capture everything. She really needs to get a blog of her own so we can all enjoy her :) Miss you so much!

Amber, you reminded me about that book. I do have it but it is stored away somewhere. I will have to dig it out because I remember those healthy suggestions also! Thanks for reminding me :)

Himilce, I accidentally delete comments all the time. I am trying to make the habit of copying them before I push the button. LOL
Yes Elizabeth and I were naughty girls LOL! I am trying to think where Nathan was at time. Elizabeth and I usually played by ourselves LOL. You made me laugh so hard about your aunt Flo LOL!
Yes I am looking for a book case that would fit the nursery. I have a white one in their right now, its behind the door but it doesn't look that great. I love all your suggestions :)

Danielle, I love you too :) Your comments are always SO encouraging and uplifting. You always make me feel so loved. Thanks so much dear sister


Homeschool on the Croft said...

Aren't happy childhood memories precious. That's why I think the most important thing we can give our own kids, after teaching them the Gospel, is a happy childhood. Yep, times tables are good; world history is *hugely* important; sentence structure is soooo necessary, but.... a happy childhood - well, you just can't put a price on it.
You're blessed to have such treasured memories. I do too. I think those of us who were blessed to grow up in the county have a real bonus on city folk (sorry, all you city folks, but - it's gotta be said - country's better!)
Love, Anne x

Davene said...

I read this some time ago, but never commented. I just wanted to say that I feel your "pain" with the emotional upheaval. Pregnancy is definitely a time of raging hormones for me: such incredible joy but also such crazy sadness and tears. Having Tobin and Shav so close together was extra stressful for me, and I remember feeling just so overwhelmed.

However, His mercies are new every morning! And every noon! And every afternoon! And every evening! And even in the middle of the night! :) Sometimes I needed a fresh start that often. :)

As I go about my duties today, I'll be praying for you to walk in His strength and peace and joy and patience as you care for (and grow!) your family. :)

Marie said...

You have no idea, thank you so much for your prayers. I have struggled and I am so thankful for your kindness.

I agree with you about His mercies are new every morning. You brought such a smile to my face, I need His mercy throughout the whole day, especially lately :)


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