Friday, July 2, 2010

1st Year Pics

Today Jon and I got Zane's 1st year pictures finally done. 
We found the bench at a garage sale today. 

Of course we had to coax him into taking his pictures with crackers. 
He had passed his nap time and I was worried he would pup up a great fuss. He didn't seem to mind much.
Behind the scenes:
Zane eating his cracker crumbs off the floor.
Deciding to give a little hug to his giraffe while eating those yummy cracker crumbs.
Not wanting to take his nap after his photo shoot. LOL!!
A nice wee bottle corked that problem :) LOL!
He is my precious little cutie pie


Anonymous said...

Aww such cute photos and I love the little cap.

Pam said...

You know I am going "gaga" over these pictures. They are sooooooo cute sweetie. I want to get my hands on that baby. I am so homesick for all of you. Dad and I read your post on my blog and had to get the kleenix out. I love you so much.

Elizabeth said...

O MY WORD MARIE! I love the pictures!!! I couldn't wait to get home and see them! They are priceless! I can't believe how big he looks! SO CUTE!!

Miss you :(

Danielle said...

Ok, when I saw these pics on FB I thought they were adorable, like you had had them done. Now reading this, and that you did them yourselves!!!!! WOW, so impressed!!! GREAT JOB!!!
(ps He's adorable) :-D
Love love you!

Amber said...

LOL He is so, so cute!!! I just love his little hat, and he's so loving to his giraffe! :) What a sweetie!

Miss Jen said...

Adorable!!!! :)
You are SO blessed!

Love~ Miss Jen

Homeschool on the Croft said...

Oh wow! What an adorable little boy. O there's something about me and little boys.....our eldest is 17 and he's *still* 'my boy'.
Hang onto every precious minute with this wee guy.
God bless
Love, Anne x

Davene said...

Aww, these are precious! You did a great job capturing who he is at this stage!

It's hard to believe he's one...I remember waiting with such anticipation to hear the news of his birth!

Ashleigh said...

These are such cute and creative pictures! Love them!!


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