Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Young Victoria

Jon and I rented The Young Victoria last night from red box. I was excited but also a little worried the movie wouldn't be up to my high standing. I was very surprised that it was so lovely. Something I wouldn't mind owning myself. I don't want to hype it up for those of you who haven't seen it yet but I could easily watch it again and enjoy it just as much or perhaps even more. The acting was very good and I thought Prince Albert and young Victoria did a most excellent job. Writing this makes me want to watch it again LOL!
Wishing you all a most wonderful day :)
So much Love
~ Marie


Danielle said...

And Jon sat through it???? WOW, he is on a roll lately! :-D hahaha
I haven't even heard about this movie 'til today. Now I wanna see it! Poor david. ;-)

Marie said...

LOL Danielle, yeah Jon is so sweet. He sits through all the period dramas with me and for the most part seems to enjoy them. I realize that I am a spoilt woman LOL!!!!

I hope David likes it LOL!!!
I hope you don't have to twist his arm to hard ha h ha!


Homeschool on the Croft said...

We loved this movie too. It's so nice to see Queen Victoria given a 'good press'.... so much negativity here normally. She's always portrayed as dour, and sad.... Of course, she was sad after her beloved Albert died.
Think we'll go off and watch it again!
Love, Anne x

Marie said...

Anne, it is so nice to read your opinion of the movie. I love your insight. Your comments always give me much joy. The three girls in our family love to chat about you and all that you are up to over the phone. LOL! We are all very blessed by your blog. Thanks so much for stopping by.

~ Marie

Amber said...

oh what a gorgeous dress! I've seen the previews for that and I really need to rent it because I really want to see it! :)

Elizabeth said...

I can't wait to watch this tomorrow! I agree with Amber her dress is so pretty!


Pam said...

Marie, I hate it when I am a couple days behind in seeing your posts. It has been a really hectic week, and I am longing to squeeze in a little blogging. But even if I don't get a lot of posting done, I love catching up with you here. Today is a very special day; the anniversary of a most beloved memory to me. The memory of 2 precious babies born to me. I have this remembrance of waking up from my rests with a smile on my face because of the 2 babies I had. I still feel as if I've won the prize. So I know this is your birthday, but I am so blessed in remembering my precious treasures from heaven. I love you so much sweetie. I hope your Birthday is wonderful. I wish Dad and I could be there with you and enjoy a celebration with you,

Marie said...

I love you so much. You are so so so so so so sweet! I so loved reading what you wrote on your blog. I just love the story that you tell of us being 2 instead of one! I am still being blessed by that also. I love having a twin sister. But I feel like I am more of a triplet then a twin LOL! I always say you are like my other sister!
~ Marie

I can't wait for you to watch it too! :)

living from glory to glory said...

Hey happy birthday to you both!! Pray for you everday that your feeling better. I have not watched much TV this summer. Ashley has started up her blog she may need back up! Miss ya love Roxy

Anonymous said...

I've never seen this film, the dress in the picture looks gorgeous.

Davene said...

Happy belated birthday!! It was fun to read Elizabeth's and your mom's posts about it. The picture of the two of you as little girls is so, so cute!

I hope your week is going well and your joy and celebration is continuing! :)

Homeschool on the Croft said...

There you go - we all sat down on Saturday evening with plenty chocolates and watched it again.
Loved it again!
In fact, were I not so busy the past few days (and nights!), myself and the girls would have watched it again. No kidding!
I'd planned to look up and see how much of the whole Melbourne-Victoria relationship was accurate. I believe the Albert-Victoria one was truly a love-match. Hence her devastation when she lost him.
Anyway, must stop babbling! We're expecting an American friend in the next hour or two. She's staying with us for a week, so will enjoy hearing the American accent 'live' again!
Love, Anne x

Marie said...

Anne, that is so funny you watched it again, because after I posted about it I watched again also LOL!

I am more interested in reading up on Victoria and Albert also! You will have to do a post about it if you find the time!! I would love to hear what you learned.

I hope you are enjoying your visitor! I sure envy her LOL! I would so love to go visit you and you family in Scotland!

~ Marie


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