Saturday, June 11, 2011

Proud Sister

My eldest brother Nathan just graduated from film school, I am so excited to see where the Lord will take him now that he is all finished. I should say that I am also so proud of my sister in law as well. She was the one at home with the two small boys while he worked full time and went to full time school, they both have been going and going non stop up to this point for along time :) 

With that being said Nathan after working 2 years on his first feature-length film, starts filming on July 30!

TSOL (pronounced "soul"): is the name of his film 
Shot in the scenic Sangre De Cristo Mountains, this movie is a psychological thriller that tells the story of a young man fighting for his life-- and his mind. After awakening from a horrific airplane crash, Chuck finds himself stranded and alone in the mountains. His friends are dead and he has no food or water in which to sustain himself. Chuck begins a journey to find not only civilization but also himself. He battles multiple demons of thepast-- the death of his mother, the unforgiveness of his father, and his own dying faith.
Through encounters with wild beasts to hallucinations of his dead friends, Chuck struggles, eventually discovering the meaning of life.

 Please visit his Kickstarter site by clicking on the image below, so as to get an idea of what this film is about,  as well as seriously thinking  about backing this film, we would so appreciate your help, to become a backer it would only cost $10.00 to get a signed DVD. Those of you who would post the video on your blog and facebook we would appreciate it SOOO much!
You can watch his trailer just visit his site by clicking on the image below.


Homeschool on the Croft said...

Well done, Nathan! What a fantastic feeling to have graduated :)
Off to check out the film now ;) x

Kirsteen said...

Congratulations to your brother!

I really hope he gets his funding for the film. I'm just off to see what I can do. ♥

Marie said...

Thanks so much Ann and Kirsteen, so so kind and thoughtful!!
I love you both so much!

~ Marie


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