Friday, August 15, 2008

Date Night!

Monsoon Season is here! The storm blew in today late afternoon! It was amazing! John didn't get home from work until 7:30 so we decided to celebrate the rain and go to chinese! I told him I would buy since I was loaded :)
He liked that!! We enjoyed our dinner in a cozy mom and pop chinese restaurant where we had a nice window booth so we could watch the rain! The taste of Jasmine tea and Mongolian Beef was just beautiful! It was a very cozy night! After the storm passed we took a walk in a neighborhood nearby where I had once lived, The neighborhood had a beautiful golf course and lake! We could still see the lightning light up the whole sky!! 

These of course are just pictures that I took from the internet! We had such a cozy night together! Something we will have to make a tradition of when it rains again!


Jaedan's Mom said...

How romantic! I love rainy nights.

mamajil said...

What a fun date night!! I enjoy reading about how y'all seem to enjoy yourselves in the simple pleasures of life....rainy days and all!! It reminds me of my hubby and I...keep it up, my hubby and I have been enjoying the simple things in life for a long time Dec. will be 23 years!

Amber said...

that sounds wonderful - i love chinese food, i love monsoon season, i really miss it when it's gone :)

Elizabeth said...

Oh how fun Marie! Its always nice to wake up and see what you both did the night before =) Wasn't the rain awsome? We went swimming last night and suddenly the storm blew in!

Lisa said...

you guys are too sweet! I love how you cherish time together!!! I miss those nights. Life seems to get way too busy when you have kids. We need to get a sitter SOON!

Keep enjoying the time together!


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