Wednesday, August 6, 2008

News on the "New Cat"

Svetta enjoying a peaceful rest on her favorite chair.
Maxim bored.
Maxim trying to get Svetta to play. Svetta doesn't want to leave her peaceful spot.
Svetta enjoying her peaceful setting again and feels very relaxed.
ATTACK !!!!!!!!


Jaedan's Mom said...

How did you catch that on film? Is this a common occurance?

Marie M said...

Ha ha Yeah!

I was sitting on my little couch taking pictures of Svetta when Maxim came up and started playing with her! I love the picture of her face and Maxim trying to play!!

Elizabeth said...

He he he that is so funny Marie!!! I love Maxim's expression! He looks very bored! :)

Amber said...

Okay I hope you don't think me bizarre, but I stumbled across your blog the other day when I was looking for a rainy day photo. I was so enchanted by your blog that I started to read it (again I hope you don't mind) and I just HAD to tell you that I love your blog, the vintage-y feel is fabulous, and you are really and truly an inspiration to me, it's sad to say that I didn't think such good people like you still existed in this world! Also, your playlist is wonderful, I've listened to it quite a bit at work. I seriously hope you don't think I'm a bizarre stalker type LOL. Just wanted to tell you thank you!! - Amber

Marie M said...

Hello Amber!!
You are just too sweet for words!!! What can I say but that I am so happy you are enjoying my blog!!! I am happy you like my play list also! My sister Elizabeth listens to it at work as well!!! I'll try to mix it up so you two don't get tired of the same songs!!!
Thanks for your sweet complement and I hope you a very beautiful day!!
Do I get to see your blog? I tried clicking but it is private. Maybe you can send me your address!!!

Amber said...

you sure can I sent you an invite since my blog is private, but the address is, i'm not making any promises on the wonderfulness of my blog though LOL it's just a way for me to keep in touch with my various family members :) I hope you like it


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