Monday, August 25, 2008

Working From Home

Ever since Jonathan started his new job it has allowed me to work at home building web pages. I have been a little lonely at home by myself but It has been extremely fun! I get to plan my whole day! I have a little reading and tea break when I choose. I get to have time to cook for Jonathan when he comes home from work!
Here's some pictures of my tea break! I enjoyed finishing my book by Helen MacINNes. It was very excellent!

I have been enjoying the LINDT chocolate lately! I love the dark with the intense orange!


Elizabeth said...

So nice Marie =)

Amber said...

that is so cool that you have such a great opportunity! your tea break sure beats sitting in a company break room with something from the vending machine LOL :)

mamajil said...

What a blessing of an opportunity!!
Sounds great!

Jaedan's Mom said...

Enjoy your flexibility! What a blessing to take in good tea and a relaxing atmosphere.


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