Saturday, September 20, 2008

Rush Is On The Dot!

BIDEN: How is it that the Democratic Party, the party of ethnics basically, how did my party get to be the party of anti-God? How did that happen? I'll tell you how it happened. We Democrats became afraid to talk about faith. We're uncomfortable talking about it. The elites of my party. The elitists of my party took over. I can hardly wait for one of these guys on the other side tell me about family values. I can hardly wait for them to tell me, a guy that's communicated everyday for 34 years to be home to put my kid to bed, I can hardly wait for them to tell me, married to the same woman 30 years, after they've been divorced three times, what values are. I can hardly wait for this to happen.

RUSH: I'm sorry, I can't do anything but laugh. (laughing) And it's not that I'm losing my mind or giddy. I find this genuinely funny, because, senator, let me tell you about the faith business. Your base, the base of your party, the kook fringe, lunatic base and many of what you would call mainstream in your party, hate religion. They're scared of it. They're scared of the faith that people have in God. And I think one of the efforts behind much of liberalism is to wipe out as much as possible of God from American society anywhere they can.

RUSH: I'll tell you what, Joe Biden, I know you're not listening, but the word will get to you. You know what your real problem, pal, is with this values business? He asked, "What in the hell happened to us on the values? What happened to the Democrat Party? I'll tell you what happened. Too many elites in our party." You can't talk about religion. You people cannot justify any religious discussion when you are pro-abortion, when you are going to make the sacrament to liberalism something like abortion, and you're going to support wild, extremist feminazis who make every abortion a political statement and cause, you are canceled out, you're canceling yourself out when you start running around talking about religious issues and faith. You talk about Big Government, not God, liberal Democrats appoint judges who push God out of the public square. And then you run around and you shout pro-choice, which means pro-abortion, then you want people to think you have values, when the number one right, that sanctity of life is something that cannot be trusted with your party, Joe? The right to life cannot be trusted in your party. A baby in the womb is at risk with your party. And you want to run around and talk about values and why the country says you don't have values? Why you have to run around to union members, "they attack our values, not gonna take it anymore." This is why Biden is losing the Catholic vote for his candidate, Obama.


Elizabeth said...

I love it Marie! That was excellent!

mamajil said...

I just love Rush!!! :)

New Mom said...

Good post Marie.


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