Thursday, April 2, 2009

Home Again

I' m sorry it has taken me so long to get back to writing. I have had a full week! I am happy to say that the Baby Shower was so much fun. It was hard leaving everyone again. The week went way too fast for me. I am excited to get back home and into my little grove again. I hope you all are enjoying the spring. The grass is getting long out here and were starting to see blossoms on the trees. 
The shower was so much fun. You wouldn't believe it but I left my camera behind. I was so upset. I am going to wait for my sister and mom to send me some pictures so I can post them. I have been having so much fun putting our little baby's room together now that I'm home. Everyone showered me with beautiful gifts. I will start taking pictures and post all the little items we got for our little guy. I'm not sure if I had posted yet about what we were going to name the baby. We have decided on Zane Wesley. Zane means God is gracious. I have never heard that name before except the author Zane Grey. 
Jon and I have also decided to have the baby at home. We asked our Chiropractor if he knew any midwives and he recommended someone for us. We are really excited about this. We are looking into a water birth also. I will post more info later when I have it :)


Lisa said...

I LOVE the name Zane! Not only original, but a good, strong, and masculine name.

Amber said...

oh how exciting - I'm glad you had so much fun on your trip and can't wait to see the nursery!! I love the baby name you decided on!!

Meredith Ivy said...

I'm so glad you're back! I look forward to seeing the pictures on your blog or Elizabeth's!

I love Zane Wesley-- Zane is very cool sounding and are you familiar with the stories about John and Charles Wesley? I read a book about Susanna Wesley (their mother) and it was so good and inspiring. I believe it was called "Susanna Wesley: Servant of God".

Hope you get back into the swing of things at home!

Katheryn said...

Love the toes, love the name, loved the shower. It was so much fun seeing you guys. I am so glad that you got so much stuff for Zane, he is already so loved. A home birth will be wonderful, I have many friends who have done it and enjoyed the experience of it. Especially the water birth. Enjoy the sights of spring and getting back into your routine. We miss you.

Marie said...

Thanks Lisa, Meredith and Katherine and Amber for your comments, I'm glad you guys like the name :)


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