Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tea and Scones

I am still here I have just been out of the blogging zone lately. I have a lot of posts to post but not much blogging energy. Our internet was off for a little but now it is up and operating.

 I have been busy researching a little Tea and Scone business for myself. I started wanting to sell cupcakes at a local Farmer's Market, when I went down to it last week to scope it out I realized I need to make something a little more authentic. John helped submit my Vendors application today and I hope to hear if I have been approved as a qualified vendor! I am testing out my scones this week to see if they are any good :) If I get approved and the Vendors Insurance isn't too much money I will hopefully start selling Scones and Tea every Saturday!
I hope everyone is well and had a wonderful Easter celebrating Christ Resurrection! 


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