Friday, April 24, 2009

House Hunting

Jon and I have been in the process of trying to buy our first home. We have been struggling with the fact of paying someone el's mortgage through renting. Instead of paying our monthly rent in to some equity for us later. Our lease is up in late June and we don't really want to sign a 18 month lease. Yesterday we went with our realtor to look at houses in our price range. House after house was a dud. The second to last house that was on our list to see is this dear house I have below. We loved it so much that we felt like we didn't want to see anymore. We still did and just wasn't satisfied at what we saw. We made an offer on the house yesterday and we heard this morning that it was accepted!! Now we are just waiting to see if we will get approved for a loan. I thought I would post these pictures of the house. If we don't get approved for a loan then this house will just be a happy dream to me :) I am praying that the Lord will allow us to get approved though.

This is the front of the house. It has a one car garage, a back yard with a fence. The living room is a good size, the fire place is in good condition and I love the front door. 
This room below is the one of three rooms. It is on the main level and it connects to the kitchen and the living room. It will probably be Jon's office.
These stairs are so sweet, they go all the way up and turn at the top where the two bedrooms are. Bellow is the dinning room. It is really big with beautiful windows and a gorgeous chandelier.

I love the window that you meet coming up the stairs. It looks out into the back yard. The pictures below are the two bedrooms. The one with the chair is a little smaller than the Master bedroom and will be the baby's room. 

I love the Kitchen, It has great windows and beautiful spacious counter tops! It also has a little breakfast nook!


Elizabeth said...

I love it Marie!!! Im praying you guys will get your loan!


Meredith Ivy said...

Oh, how exciting Marie! It is so adorable. With your great decorating skills you would have it ready to be featured on HGTV in no time! :)

I will be praying that you will qualify for the loan! Do you think you'll find out today or not until the beginning of next week? Have you been to one of the websites where you can type in your income and monthly expenses and they will give you a rough idea of how much you will approve for? I bet you're so anxious!!!

Please let us know as soon as you know!!

Marie said...


Yeah we already got pre-approved based on our income, which is good, but now we are waiting for the underwriters to approve the loan. We are not sure how long it will take, probably a week or so, we are scheduled to close June 5, but I will let you know as soon as we know lol

Amber said...

oh good luck!!! I hope you get your cute little house!! :)

Holly B. said...

The house is beautiful, I will be praying for you to get the loan. But whatever comes, God knows what is best. =)


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