Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pumpkin Fun

Getting ready for Thanksgiving :)
We have shopped and planned our menu and now just getting ready to cook it for the wonderful day of Thanksgiving. 
It will be just the three of us + the bump this year so we are trying to keep down the amount of food we make which is kinda hard Especially for pregnant me. It is so fun having these cravings in the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. All my cravings have been given wonderful care and attention to by the way :) 

I have been having fun getting inspired for decorating the table and place settings. I found a really neat china set that I got for almost nothing and it will be just perfect for our Thanksgiving dinner.
Jon got this prego picture of me a couple of days ago. I am now 34 weeks along which amazes me. It sure goes by so much faster when your chasing another little one around. 
This little man is getting so big and so smart. He has been teething his big boy teeth now so his gums are getting full. 
He is really excited about mommy having a baby bump. He lifts my shirt up and kisses my tummy and says "baby' and sometimes he says "boy"
Were are having such a blast being parents of this little man and even now feeling the reality of having another baby so soon. 
We have so much to be thankful for. Jon and I were just talking today how good the Lord is to us. We see his love in so many ways throughout our daily lives. Today Jon came home with three bags of really nice cloth diapers. He was going to buy from a lady off of craigslist. When he got home from picking them up he had tears in his eyes because the lady told him that the Lord was telling her to give them to us and also that He loves us so much. These diapers are $10 a piece and there were three huge bags full. The true knowledge of God's grace and love is more then we can handle at times.
I'm wishing everyone a very blessed and joyful Thanksgiving. 
We are so thankful :)
Much Love
In Christ
 ~ Marie 


Homeschool on the Croft said...

What a wonderful story, Marie. How good God is. And what a willing servant that lady was to the prompting of the Holy Spirit. O give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, for His mercy endureth forever (Ps 106v1)

Oh, and gorgeous photos too! I love the autumn (oops - FALL!) photos from the US .... all these leaves, while we have none!

Love, Anne x

Davene said...

Zane looks like such a big boy, especially in that first photo. With his jeans and sweater, he's really like a little man now. :)

What a wonderful picture of you, Marie! You look fantastic.

Have a very happy Thanksgiving! You are so right: we do have so much to be thankful for!

Amber said...

aww! what a sweet story of God's promptings and blessings! truly you are loved, I already knew this because you are such wonderful sweet people! I love the pictures and seeing the bump! I've been meaning to ask you when you are due, another 6 weeks (I'm guessing)? I hope you have a lovely wonderful Thanksgiving and you totally need to take pictures of your new china!! :) Love you all!!

Pam said...

Oh so so sweet. Zane looks so cute. I just love the pictures. Also, loved that precious story of that lady giving you those diapers. What a blessing.

Cracked up over the bump, and the feeding of the bump. Love your posts so much sweetie. Can't wait to hear about your tree decorating party. Perhaps I'll call you in a few hours.
Love you,

Elizabeth said...

Zane is sooooo cute Marie! I can't get over him. You look so good! I love the picture! What a sweet woman! Brought tears to my eyes too! Can't wait to hear about your menu! LOVE YOU!

Tiffany said...

34th weeks? You look GREAT! Happy Thanksgiving!

Lizzy said...

oh, Marie!! you're glowing!!!!


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