Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Happenings

Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Its a wonderful rainy day out. So fresh and still warm and snug inside.
Started out this morning baking pies. Jon wanted a pecan pie and I wanted a pumpkin, of course I will be enjoying both :)
We wanted to eat our  Thanksgiving dinner around 2:30 -3:00 ish, but plans change which works out better because I have all of my preparations done and now just waiting for that bird to finish cooking which means I get to sit down and take a break before our feast and make a post!
Just need to finish up some of the dishes and get Zane all dressed up for his turkey dinner. 
I got my makeup on YAY! Didn't get that hair curled though. Honey Man is getting his shower and shave now so we should all be looking our best.
Got the table set and all ready for all that yummy food.
On my way home from the store yesterday I realized that the date was November 24th, which means it was my 3rd Anniversary to my amazing Honey Man!! How did we forget it? Luckily I had cheesecake fixings in the fridge and we had a nice romantic evening eating hot head boritos and oreo cheese cake watching an old movie, shop around the corner. Cozy, cozy cozy!
Happy Anniversary my Jonathan!!
 Its so funny because I was talking to my mom on the phone yesterday and my parents celebrate the same anniversary as we do but we both forgot to wish each other happy tidings LOL!!! Happy late Anniversary mom and dad!!!
If you are wondering what I had for lunch today while cooking? I will be happy to inform you that I had a huge slice of oreo cheesecake :)

LORD, you are my God; 
I will exalt you and praise your name,  
for in perfect faithfulness    
 you have done wonderful things,    
 things planned long ago. 
Isaiah 25:1-9

Many blessings to you all dear friends :)
And Happy Thanksgiving 
~ Marie


Homeschool on the Croft said...

Marie - what a gorgeous table you had there! You clearly have your mum's artistic talents. Your dining room is so lovely....I love the wood, and the colours in your table decorations set it all off beautifully.
Hope you had a wonderful day.
Love, Anne x

Meredith Ivy said...

So lovely, Marie! Your dining room table looks fresh off the pages of the latest Williams-Sonoma catalog! I loved reading about everyone getting dressed up for the meal. What a sweet tradition you are creating in your little family!

Pam said...

Maria, your pictures look like they are right out of a magazine!!! So gorgeous and your pie looks awesome.
Your commentary just cracks me up and I am glad to hear that you are feeding Ezra well :)and I think in future he will share our delight for things like oreao cheese cake. I can't wait to hear how Zane likes Thanksgiving... this year is the beginning of his awareness of holidays, sooo fun. Happy Anniversary to you too sweeite. Thanksgiving engulfed our celebrating this year, as often happens... but there is always that trip to Hawaii.... perhaps we'll make it next year Love you sooo Much.

Kirsteen said...

Your table setting looks absolutely gorgeous!

I love the sound of Oreo cheesecake - you must share the recipe sometime!

Happy Anniversary too.

Davene said...

Happy anniversary! To you AND to your parents! My anniversary is just two days before my parents' so we have fun sharing special memories during that time, too. :)

I loved this glimpse into your little family's Thanksgiving celebration. Everything looks so cozy and lovely!

Amber said...

what a lovely thanksgiving table!! it sounds like you had a cozy day! I'm so glad! :D

Help Meet in the Making said...

Yum!! That pumpkin pie looks delicious. And I love that place setting and those toile dishes!
Happy (belated) anniversary, Marie and Jon!

Lizzy said...

lovely post!!! your blog (and your dear sister's) always exudes such peace, beauty, and JOY!! the pictures of your table's Thanksgiving decor could be made into stationary or framed for a kitchen - gorgeous!!! you are one talented gal.


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