Wednesday, December 1, 2010

First Snow

We awoke to our fist snow for this year! It started off just a couple flakes here and there this morning but now it's snowing buckets out.
We got our Christmas tree up and decorated last week which makes this snow even cozier.
Because of this mornings first snow of the year we decided to have a lovely breakfast out in the living room in front of our big window where the Christmas is.
Zane is his Daddy's little chef. He was prepping the coffee for mommy and daddy,
Selecting just the right eggs.
And also serving us.
There is something so cozy about having fresh fruit in the morning while I have been pregnant. I usually can't eat fresh fruit so early in the mornings but with this baby that is what is on his menu. 
These two boys are certainly brothers because thats all Zane eats in the mornings, 
 any kind of egg and fresh fruit.  
Wishing everyone a beautiful Wednesday afternoon and evening!
Many Blessings In Christ
~ Marie


Homeschool on the Croft said...

Isn't it lovely, Marie. It's such a cozy winter feel - all that lovely decor inside, and beautiful snow outside. Perfect.
Love, Anne x
btw - that tray looks a picture (I can't eat eggs myself, but the whole tray sure looks good!) x

Amber said...

what beautiful pictures! I hope you have a lovely snowy day! :) it is so cozy to have it snowing outside when you're warm and comfy inside! Zane is sure growing up, what a sweet little helper he is!

Pam said...

Wow, Anne is right, it is so lovely. I feel as if I am reading a Christmas time storybook. How adorable is that precious Grandbaby of mine. Is he cute or what. All these pictures make me homesick to be there again. Can't wait to come for baby's arrival. Your tree sure looks pretty.
Love Mom

Help Meet in the Making said...

So warm and cozy! Your Christmas tree looks beautiful. :)


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