Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fun Finds

I got some pictures taken of my purse that I got from the thrift store yesterday. I found this purse last week and the price was 5.99 but it wasn't Monday and Monday's are 25% off days and I have a closet full of purses, so I told myself  I could wait for it to go on sale so I pushed it way way back behind the wrack of purses so no one would find it and come back on Monday. When Monday arrived I figured some determined thriftier who has the same taste as me found my purse, but lo and behold, it was still there waiting for me :)
I also got these yummy sweaters for the two boys.Trying to get the new baby's clothes organized has been fun this time around. For Zane I was not at all organized with his clothing and he ended up growing too fast and missed out on a lot of cute things to wear.
 I have a nice basket set aside for the baby, it fits right under my side of the bed which will hold most of the the baby's clothes and diapers. I have such a special delight in going through his clothes and also going through his baby blankets which are so soft to the touch and getting them all ready for his arrival.
 I am expecting something special to arrive in the mail from CSN stores for the baby which I will reveal when he arrives. I have enjoyed going through CSN's store and their pages and pages of children's items. Check them out if you are looking to buy online and don't want to pay for shipping. They have some really cute  kids backpacks which I loved and thought would be so cute for Zane as a Christmas present. 
Wishing you all a wonderful week and I will be posting my giveaway soon!
Much Love
 In Christ 
~ Marie


Tiffany said...

I LOVE the color of that purse. Its a beautiful bag...and a great price!

Amber said...

that purse is AWESOME!! what a find! I just love babies in layers of snuggliness :)

Sharon McDougal, RM CPM said...

Oh goodness Marie, I just got done catching up on your blog! I've been out of the loop with all the busy-ness of moving and all. You and Elizabeth remind me over and over again to really rejoice and truly enjoy my days as a stay at home mommy and wife! What a precious life you are making for your family! I cant wait to get my own place down here and make our home again! :) love you dear woman!


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